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A Plan for Seniors
Dan Boren knows the challenges our seniors face and believes that we must do more to honor our solemn commitment to our greatest generation. Just last year in the legislature, Dan saved our state's senior nutrition centers. After their funding was dramatically thrashed the year before, seniors were going without meals and workers were being laid off. Dan successfully fought to fully restore CENA funding.
"Seniors' issues have been important to me since my first day in the Oklahoma State Legislature," Boren said. I have always been an outspoken proponent for Oklahoma's seniors. In the State Legislature, I voted to protect funding for seniors' programs despite a $700 million budget shortfall."

Boren feels strongly about a number of issues involving seniors:

Dan believes we should not raise the Normal Retirement Age (NRA).

Dan believes that Social Security funds are too precious to be trusted to any kind of privatization scheme.

Dan believes that a viable Social Security system is a promise America must keep to its aging citizens.

Dan will not support any reduction in the cost of living adjustment.

Dan does not support means-testing for Social Security. Everyone pays into the system and everyone benefits.

Dan supports lower-cost prescriptions for all seniors through Medicare.

Dan strongly opposes proposals to require seniors to give up their traditional Medicare and go into an HMO in order to get drug benefits.

Dan believes the federal government should use its considerable purchasing power as leverage to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices.

Dan believes Americans should be able to set up tax-sheltered personal health savings accounts.

Dan believes Americans deserve to have safe and legal access to re-imported drugs, such as the cheaper prescription drugs in Canada.

Dan believes the gap in coverage in the new Medicare plan is too big.

Dan believes our rural health care systems need more help.

Dan believes rural health care for senior citizens can be dramatically improved by investing in telemedicine.

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Americans have an obligation to our greatest citizens. Dan's plan for seniors.
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CAll Oklahomans deserve the right to work and receive fair pay.
Tar Creek
Dan won't forget the residents of Tar Creek as he continues to seek a fair solution.
A major key to improving Oklahoma's future is improving education today.
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An avid outdoorsman, Dan is committed to preserving the Second Amendment.
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