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Committed to Oklahoma
Dan Boren has built an impressive record as a strong proponent for Oklahomans and as an advocate for responsive, responsible government. He's served his constituency proudly in the State Senate. Now he's ready to work for you in Washington.

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An Avid Outdoorsman
A friend to Oklahoma's outdoorsmen (and women!), Dan Boren stands as a strong and unyielding proponent for the responsible use of firearms. He's committed to ensuring your constitutional rights.

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Working for Oklahomans
There are real issues facing Oklahomans in the Second Congressional District…and Dan has a plan to address those issues, from bringing quality jobs into the district to resolving the Tar Creek dilemma. Dan Boren is a proven man of action.

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Republicans for Boren
Dan Boren's supporters come from all walks of life and both sides of the political aisle. Join a growing constituency of Republicans for Boren who support Dan's vision, ideas and commitment to real representation in Washington.

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Message from Dan
I want to thank my supporters, but the work is not yet done.
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