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Supporting Sportsmen's Rights

An avid hunter and fisherman, Dan Boren fondly remembers his first deer killed at 9 and hasn't been shut out in a deer season since. His staff jokingly tried to hide hunting schedules from him until they realized he had all the seasons memorized from decades of hunting.

Dan Boren recognizes that sportsmen activities are more than just recreational pastimes - they're a way of life in Eastern Oklahoma. He fondly remembers hunting with his parents and the valuable lessons he

learned in personal responsibility and the beauty of nature on those excursions.

As your Congressman Dan Boren will never vote to weaken your 2nd Amendment rights and will fight aggressively to open as much publicly held land to hunting and fishing activities as possible.

Dan Boren is the only candidate for Congress in the 2nd District endorsed by the National Rifle Association. Click here to read the endorsement release.

Just in case you don't have the hunting and fishing schedules memorized click here for a complete listing of season dates (and OU and OSU football schedules!).

Interested in holding a Boren for Congress turkey shoot or skeet shooting tournament? Email us here!

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Americans have an obligation to our greatest citizens. Dan's plan for seniors.
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CAll Oklahomans deserve the right to work and receive fair pay.
Tar Creek
Dan won't forget the residents of Tar Creek as he continues to seek a fair solution.
A major key to improving Oklahoma's future is improving education today.
Protecting Firearms
An avid outdoorsman, Dan is committed to preserving the Second Amendment.
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