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Creating Quality Classrooms

Dan Boren knows a strong public education system is essential for economic development and quality of life in the 2nd Congressional District. That's why he fought in the state House of Representatives to raise Oklahoma's teachers' pay to at least the regional average and to cover 100% of teachers' health care benefits while fighting efforts seeking to consolidate our rural schools.

In Congress Dan Boren will work to hold public schools accountable for successes and failures, but won't place the self defeating

burden on local schools with unfunded mandates. Dan agrees with most of the goals in the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, but he has serious problems with the way it has been implemented.

Public schools in Eastern Oklahoma are more than just taxpayer funded child care centers, along with small business they're the backbone of our communities and the building blocks for our future. Dan Boren will fight for our fair share of federal funds to make our public schools even better, and will never vote to weaken the public school system by supporting risky schemes such as school vouchers.

Dan is proud to have the support of Oklahoma's classroom teachers as well as dozens of school board members, superintendents and educational support staff across the district. Rep. Boren is also very proud to have been endorsed by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Sandy Garrett.

Get Involved!
Americans have an obligation to our greatest citizens. Dan's plan for seniors.
Quality Jobs
CAll Oklahomans deserve the right to work and receive fair pay.
Tar Creek
Dan won't forget the residents of Tar Creek as he continues to seek a fair solution.
A major key to improving Oklahoma's future is improving education today.
Protecting Firearms
An avid outdoorsman, Dan is committed to preserving the Second Amendment.
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