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A Plan for Quality Jobs
Dan Boren considers the loss of quality jobs in Eastern Oklahoma the number one challenge facing the district, and it will be his top priority as your next U.S. Congressman. He’ll fight for incentives for employers looking to relocate in the 2nd District, and he’s promised to go the extra mile to bring good jobs back home so our kids can stay home and raise their own children around the values we grew up with.

The Boren Plan for quality jobs includes:

Targeted tax cuts for small businesses that provide health care for their employees. Over 600,000 Oklahomans are uninsured. Oklahomans deserve employers who can and will provide health insurance to help protect them and their families from skyrocketing health care costs.

Creating more small business incubators. Small businesses provide half of all the jobs in America, and 2/3 of all new jobs, but left adrift, as many as 80% of all small businesses fail. With the help of a small

business incubator, as many as 80% of small businesses succeed. Incubators provide shared facilities and services to help small businesses through the difficult and vulnerable first years.

Penalties for businesses who renounce their citizenship and ship jobs overseas. Specifically, if elected Boren said he would co-author HR 3888, the Defending American Jobs Act of 2004 also favored by Congressman Brad Carson.

Combining local incentives to the already-powerful combination of state & federal incentives. In Durant, Community Leaders came together to form an incentive package that complimented existing State and Federal incentives. They offered businesses these incentives if they moved to Durant with a certain number of jobs, all of which had to pay at least 1.5 times the minimum wage while providing health insurance. Within months, two new 500-job businesses moved into the area. (Cardinal Glass and Big Lots)

Reinstating the Former Indian Lands tax Credit, also known as Federal Law 168J. Covering all of the Second District, 168J provides millions of dollars in tax incentives for businesses but is slated to expire next year. It is one of our most powerful federal-level tools for attracting new business investments, and it cannot be allowed to sunset.

Free but fair trade, where our high standards of labor and environmental protections apply to all parties. Boren believes that both sides must give in order to arrive at meaningful and workable international treaties. Every agreement should involve real benefits for US businesses and US workers.

Special economic protection areas for communities especially hard hit by foreign trade.

Fully funding the Small Business Administration which provides business support services for small businesses.

Opening the $235 billion federal marketplace to small businesses. These small businesses should be able to freely compete for federal government contracts. Competition is good for everyone: the businesses, the consumers, and the taxpayers who get a bigger bang for their tax-buck.

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