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Dan Boren...A Man of Integrity

Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District, a vast space of land spanning 25 counties and hundreds of communities, faces many unique challenges at the dawn of a new century to preserve our small town values and faith in Oklahoma. Dan Boren is running for Congress to fight for our values and to improve the way of life we’ve grown to love. Boren firmly believes that if you work hard and play by the rules than you ought to have the opportunity to succeed – no matter whom you are or where you come from.

Dan believes the biggest hurdle Eastern Oklahoma must clear to survive and thrive in a 21st Century Economy is to fight to bring quality jobs back to our part of the state. However, new businesses won’t come and existing businesses can’t expand unless we take the necessary steps to improve our public schools and expand access to affordable health care.

Working together with local businesses, Native Americannations, Chambers of Commerce, and community leaders from all walks of life Dan Boren believes that we can make the 2nd District better for the future by creating jobs, protecting schools and improving the access and affordability of health care in Eastern Oklahoma.

Dan’s record of success in the state legislature included stopping dangerous funding cuts for public schools during the worst state financial crisis since the Great Depression. This past year he helped pass legislation giving teachers landmark pay raises and dramatic benefit increases, and successfully fought against cuts for rural fire departments. His work in the state legislature to pass tougher penalties for “Meth” dealers and manufacturers has become a national model to confront this deadly scourge.

Boren is the only 2nd District Congressional candidate with detailed plans to get our economy moving again while keeping valuable promises made to senior citizens and public schools. This page serves as a valuable resource to provide insight into Dan’s record as a legislature and his vision for our district. Please feel free to review and comment on the pages linked here so we can all move forward towards a bright new day in Eastern Oklahoma.

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Americans have an obligation to our greatest citizens. Dan's plan for seniors.
Quality Jobs
CAll Oklahomans deserve the right to work and receive fair pay.
Tar Creek
Dan won't forget the residents of Tar Creek as he continues to seek a fair solution.
A major key to improving Oklahoma's future is improving education today.
Protecting Firearms
An avid outdoorsman, Dan is committed to preserving the Second Amendment.
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