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Volunteer Home Repair Program (VHRP)

The Volunteer Home Repair Program is the centerpiece of Rebuilding Together’s activity, leveraging donated labor with financial resources to deliver exterior home restoration to our clients. Last year, volunteers provided assistance to more than 230 families in need, contributing more than 80,000 hours of service with a market value estimate of $13 million.

These volunteer groups--or “crews” at they’re known in the Rebuilding Together vernacular-- come from a variety of corporate, congregational and civic organizations. Most crews are composed of like-minded individuals who share the common bond of employment, avocation, or spiritual belief. Representatives from some of Houston’s best-known employers, largest churches, and most civic-minded organizations participate in our Spring and Fall Build Days each year, as do groups of friends, families, students, alumni and concerned citizens.

The benefits of service through the Volunteer Home Repair Program are many:

  • preserving the dignity of life for our senior population
  • enabling the elderly to age in place
  • providing assistance to those in need
  • revitalizing our city’s most economically-challenged communities
  • creating neighborhood pride
  • working with your hands (and your heart)
  • building something of lasting value
  • learning to collaborate and work together as a team
  • experiencing a rewarding sense of accomplishment
  • spending time in the company of people you know and like
  • getting acquainted with people you don’t know
  • enjoying a sense of personal accomplishment
  • and--most importantly--making a difference in the lives of others

To learn more about the value of volunteer service for Rebuilding Together Houston, visit the Testimonial page.

To explore how to become a volunteer, organize a volunteer crew or become a crew leader, visit the Volunteers page


Thank You to Our Sustaining Sponsors

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