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Need a good reason to consider becoming a Rebuilding Together Houston volunteer? How about 13 good reasons! Click on any of the benefits below to learn more.

Preserving the dignity of life for our senior population

Homes have been an integral part of the American Dream as long as the American Dream has existed. For many, home is respite and sanctuary, a source of stability and pride. Dignity is vital to the well-being of every person, but easily diminished or robbed from the elderly, particularly when financial circumstances force sacrifice and loss. For many of the homeowners Rebuilding Together serves, their home represents one of life’s major achievements. A warm, safe and healthy home reconstitutes both pride and dignity.

Enabling the elderly to age in place

“Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home” is a line from the lyrics of the song “Home! Sweet Home!” written in 1823 by American dramatist John Howard Payne for his opera The Maid of Milan. The song goes on to proclaim, “A charm from the skies seems to hallow us there/Which seeks thro’ the world, is ne’er met elsewhere.” As people grow older, their world begins to constrict. As physical and mental faculties diminish, the importance of surroundings which are familiar, friendly and secure becomes more vital to happiness, contentment and quality of life. Homes, in the truest sense of the word, are places filled with comforts and love.

Providing assistance to those in need

It is in the soul of every human to help our fellow man. Rebuilding Together Houston provides a unique and rewarding means to give back to others. Imagine your home falling apart around you; your roof leaking, frayed wires a cause for concern. What if a lack of mobility made it difficult or nearly impossible for you to enter and exit your home? Chance are, your days would be filled with heightened anxiety and your nights a source of constant dread. No one deserves to live this life, particularly those who have given so much of themselves over the course of a lifetime of value and purpose.

Revitalizing our city’s most economically-challenged communities

Like many big cities, some of Houston’s most historic and cherished neighborhoods are growing old and coming apart at the seams. Tens of thousands of our fellow citizens live and work in these communities, where advancement and improvement are not always easily accessed. As urban blight increases, so does crime and hopelessness. A single home repaired says that others care. A single life made easier says that everyone matters. Rebuilding Together not only impacts those individuals who benefit from its programs, but all of Houston benefits because home by home and block by block, our city’s future is filled with greater promise and hope.

Creating neighborhood pride

One house given a fresh coat of paint; sealed off from the elements; and made safer, warmer, and drier; what impact does it have on a larger scale? Plenty. Change can be contagious. Almost without exception, when one home is given a new lease on life, other nearby homes follow. And when one street is made to look a little sharper, a tide turns on other streets in close proximity. The homeowners served by Rebuilding Together Houston, people who have been a part of their communities for many, many years, are the fabric of local society. The work we do doesn’t merely fix homes or improve lives, it also fosters pride and ignites change.

Working with your hands (and your heart)

If you’re a believer that “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop,” we’ve got the perfect opportunity for you! And when hands and hearts join in unison, miracles do occur.

Building something of lasting value

So many volunteer opportunities are fleeting. A check is written; the donation of an hour of time gone before you know it. Think about the donations you’ve contributed or the time you’ve given. Were you able to look into the eyes of the people your tried to help? Rebuilding Together offers volunteers a chance to meet the individuals, couples and families that it serves. You’ll have the opportunity to meet them, to even get acquainted. And when your work is done, you’ll have both the satisfaction of creating lasting value, but chances are good you’ll also receive a heartfelt thank you right on the spot.

Learning to collaborate and work together as a team

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, both at work and at home, we sometimes forget that life is mainly about connections and collaborations. We’re often driven by “the bottom line,” and can lose focus on the processes that enable us to achieve our goals. One of the most important benefits of the Rebuilding Together experience is the sense of accomplishment provided as being a part of something bigger than ourselves, both figuratively and literally. Becoming a Rebuilding Together crew leader is a great way to learn or enhance leadership skills, too.

Experiencing a rewarding sense of accomplishment

When’s the last time you replaced a door frame, pulled siding, caulked a window sill or painted trim? Well, neighbor, that’s too long!

Spending time in the company of people you know and like

Putting together a Rebuilding Together crew is a great way for corporate work groups and sales team; church groups; and civic, service and fraternal organizations to build or enhance camaraderie among its members. Sharing a sense of accomplishment and pride is a great way to bring people together and make them more productive for the long term.

Getting acquainted with people you don’t know

If you’re new in town, new to your workplace or just looking for a new group of friends, why not give a volunteer opportunity with Rebuilding Together a try. From the outset, you’ll know that you have several things in common with others, including a desire to give back to the community, assist the elderly and the blood of a home handyman--or woman--flowing through your veins!

Enjoying a sense of personal accomplishment

Chances are good that at the end of your day--or days--of service to Rebuilding Together Houston, you’ll return to your own home worn out and dog tired. Rest assured you’ll also have a warm feeling in the pit of your stomach that you did something exceptional for someone very special.

Making a difference in the lives of others

Become a Rebuilding Together volunteer today!


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