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“Our alliance with Rebuilding Together has been a meaningful collaboration. What we gain from the experience is camaraderie, team building and educating young new-hires about project management. We encourage our people to really dive into these project and face the challenges that some of these homes present.”

Diana Skates
Community Relations Advisor

“This spring our church completed work on its 50th house for Rebuilding Together Houston. Most of these homeowners aren’t used to good things happening to them and when they’re surrounded by a bunch of happy and energetic volunteers looking to make their life better, it’s just a special experience. It’s a favorite project of an awful lot of people in our congregation.”

Mark Edmiston-Lange
Emerson Unitarian-Universalist Church

“Rebuilding Together has afforded us the opportunity to get resources to go out and work within the community to revitalize the community, particularly our senior citizens in the community. As you rebuild your blocks, your rebuild your neighborhood. As you rebuild your neighborhoods you rebuild your community. As you rebuild your communities, you rebuild your city.”

Michael Smith
Deacon Family Care Ministry
Holman Street Baptist Church

“Who doesn’t love wearing steel-toed boots and a hard hat and getting sweaty and dirty! I’m a very ‘hands-on’ person--I’m an engineer--so, I like to not just see what’s going on, but how to resolve it. Knowing that somebody else is going to have a safer home as a result of the work I do, that really makes it worthwhile.”

Xuan Vandeberg
Society of Petroleum Engineers
Gulf Coast Section

“What we do as Rebuilding Together volunteers is go out into the community and, for people who can’t afford to maintain their own homes, we extend the life of the home and make it warmer, safer and drier. That helps the elderly that may not have the financial means to do these kind of repairs to stay in their homes longer and that does a lot for our society.”

Dan King
Rebuilding Together Crew Leader
ExxonMobil Chemical

“When you meet a homeowner, your heart fills up. They know their home may be run down and in need of repair, but it’s their home and they don’t want to leave. It means everything to them. There IS no place like home, and if they could be like Dorothy and click their heals, they would. But, I guess that’s why we’re here.”

Dennie Clemons
UT House Medics
UT Health


“We’re very passionate about houses. Being in the ‘home business,’ we’re around houses all the time and know a lot about them. A home is a source of pride for people of all ages and what we do matters a lot. Plus, we usually bring out a bunch of volunteers on our projects and everyone has a really good time.”

Sarah Rhoads
Volunteer Co-Chair
NextGen Realty Group


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104 N. Greenwood, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77011 • Tel: 713.659.2511 • Fax: 713.650.0871info@rebuildinghouston.org
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