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2. Culture
3. Operations
4. Service
5. Menu
6. Selling
7. Satisfaction
8. Problems
9. Closing
10. Rewards
11. Understanding
12. Conclusion

Knowledge Checkpoints

This web site is designed to serve as a self-teaching tool to assist you in understanding your job and improving your job performance. Each chapter contains a link to Knowledge Checkpoints, a series of multiple-choice questions to help you test your comprehension of the material contained in and relevant to the chapter. It is important that you not only study the content contained on this web site, but also take the time to test yourself through the Knowledge Checkpoints.

How to Use the Knowledge Checkpoints

A good waiter possesses the ability to think on her or his feet. That means you need to have a ready understanding of what you're selling (drink and food menus) and how to sell it. You also must be a student of human nature. Reading your guests, their attitudes, moods, likes and dislikes can help you better succeed in your job.

Each category of Knowledge Checkpoints contains information taken directly from each chapter. You will also test your understanding of concepts related to the chapter subject, but not necessarily found on this web site. You should consider Knowledge Checkpoints to be an "open-book" self-examination, and you may want to explore certain questions or topics by seeking information elsewhere on the Internet via search engines.

You'll find the correct answer to each question by scrolling over the multiple-choice options. The correct answer will be highlighted.

We encourage all servers to spend time on this web site and, from time to time, content here will be changed and updated. We want to keep your experience on this site fresh and relevant to help you stay on the top of your game.

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