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5. Menu

Get to Know Your Menu

Bored? Can’t sleep? Proud of your job and want to do it better? Your current menu always will be available on line here for you to review, understand and appreciate.

Creating a Menu

Chances are, most of us have opened hundreds of menus in our life and haven't thought much about it...unless the prices catch our eye. Creating a menu isn't a haphazard process. It takes great care and attention to the anticipated desires of the customer base. Obviously, if your restaurant specializes in Asian food, you probably won't find many enchiladas on the menu.

Chef Greg Maggi served as executive chef for the successful launch of the Pujols 5 Grill in August 2006. The restaurant's menu proved an instant hit, thanks to Chef Greg's understanding of the market and a little help from co-owners Albert and Deidre Pujols.


It's Not Just Food; It's Cuisine!

Most restaurants design their food offerings to a particular culinary sensibility. That’s easy to understand when a restaurant serves Greek, Italian or Mexican food. More recently, restaurants have begun to offer “eclectic”, “themed” or “fusion” cuisine.

So, how does an executive chef like James Avalos of the Plaza Grill take regular food ingredients and turn it into "cuisine" which appeals to the masses? Chef James says it's a matter of everyone working together toward a common goal.




Do you know the difference between Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir?

How is a bouquet different from an aroma?

What makes a dry wine and when is a wine considered open?

There are many web sites to help better understand wines and the vocabulary of wine-making and wine-tasting.

Two great web sites are:



Mixed and Specialty Drinks

As for specialty drinks and what goes in them (how is a "banana sunrise" different from a "banan cow"?), check out this great site:



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