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11. Understanding

The "10-Point" System of Service in Action

You've reached the penultimate section of this training web site. You've read and seen much content and, hopefully, you've reached a clearer understanding of your job.

Understanding the 10 Points is one of the most important things you can do as a good server. If you follow these guidelines, you'll have the foundation to achieve success in your job.

Below you'll see examples of each of the 10 Points in action. Use these video vignettes as a template for serving the right way...the Hanon way.

Always greet your guest within 30-60 SECONDS of being seated. PLAY VIDEO

Drink Delivery
From the time your guest orders a drink to the time you deliver their drink should not exceed 3 MINUTES. PLAY VIDEO

Whether it’s lunch or dinner, suggestive SELLING an appetizer can increase both your sales and your tip. PLAY VIDEO

Entrée Orders
Become a menu expert and create a MENTAL PICTURE of each recommended dish.

Table Check
Be seen FREQUENTLY at your table and always strive to both bring something to your guests and take something away.
Wine List
The best time to sell wine is right after the dinner ORDER is taken.
After-Dinner Drinks
SUGGESTIVE selling techniques are necessary to increase your check average. PLAY VIDEO

Dessert Tray
ALWAYS bring the dessert tray to the table after you guests have finished eating. PLAY VIDEO

Coffee Time
If you offer coffee before the end of the dining experience, you will LESSEN your chance to sell such things as appetizers, cocktails and dessert. PLAY VIDEO

Fond Farewell
Smile! Sincerity and friendliness go a long way in assuring your guest’s return to the restaurant.


Alcohol Awareness is a growing concern within the Hospitality Industry nationwide. By recognizing the "early" signs of intoxication, monitoring your customer's consumption, and treating them as you would a guest in your own home; you fulfill your responsibility and protect the guest

To serve or not to serve?

By understanding and fulfilling your responsibilities...
Your Role:


Assisted by the guidance and support of management...
Your Manager's Role:


With adherence to the company's policies...

We will not knowingly admit obviously intoxicated for underage customers to the bar.
We will not knowingly serve alcohol to an obviously intoxicated or underage customer.
We will offer alternatives to alcohol.

We will create an atmosphere to promote responsible drinking.


We will make a reasonable attempt to prevent obviously intoxicated customers from driving.

. . . We can accurately and confidently answer that very important question.

Responsible service of alcohol requires a team effort.
Know and watch for the signs of intoxication. If there is any question, avoid further service and report to a manager who will make the final decision and determine whether the guest should remain or leave.
If you know what it takes to get someone drunk, you can prevent it by monitoring their consumption and offering alternatives.

Do not allow drunks to come in, and do not allow intoxicated guests to drive.

Hospitality is our business. Beverage service is only one element.

Cooperation between employees and management allows us to exercise a degree of influence on the behavior of our customers that will result in an atmosphere of responsible drinking.

This is just a portion of our company Alcohol Awareness program. A complete handbook with certification test is provided at orientation.


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