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4. Service with A Smile

The Goals of Good Service

A waitperson’s job centers around the goals of the restaurant. In our case, those goals are: guest satisfaction, maintaining priorities, practicing teamwork, and creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for our guests to enjoy.

As a server, YOU hold the key to good service and, thus, guest satisfaction. A quality product served efficiently and quickly, in a clean and comfortable atmosphere, by a friendly waitperson is what our customers want—that’s what keeps our guests coming back!

Efficient timing is an important part of any meal. By following your priorities and working together with you team, including food preparers, bus help and fellow waiters, our guests will be assured prompt.

First Person: "How I Provide Great Service"

Providing good service isn’t rocket science. Most of the time, it’s just good common sense. Here are a few examples of how people like you have given good customer service.

Stay in Tune
Jason Fisher is a veteran of the food service wars. While on the front line in his servers position, Jason keeps a sharp eye and, to quote Anchorman Ron Burgundy, his "head on a swivel".

Career Change
Hanon servers come from all walks of life. Many have previous experience waiting tables, but some, like Mark Sharp of the Plaza Grill, bring a more diversified employment background.

Pay Attention
Plaza Grill floor manager Eric Glinkler got his start with Hanon as a waiter. He knows good service comes from doing all the small things well and staying focused on the customer. PLAY VIDEO

Personal Approach
Vicki McCoy is one of the Plaza Grill's most successful servers. She puts her long-time experience to good use every time she waits a table and her insight into good service is valuable. PLAY VIDEO

Familiar Faces
Judy Jackman has been a fixture with Hanon Management since Patrick's opened its Westport Plaza location in 1983. She started as a server who got to know her customers. PLAY VIDEO



You know “The Golden Rule”, treat others as you wish to be treated. Now, get acquainted with the “Hanon Rules”:

A guest is NOT dependent on us—we are dependent upon our guests
A guest is NEVER an interruption of our work, but the reason for it
We are NOT doing our guests a favor when we serve them—they are doing us a favor by giving us their business.
Our guests are the LIFEBLOOD of our business

There are many different types of guests and your responsibility is to learn to serve each of them in the same positive and professional manner. Just who are our guests? Click each link to learn more.

The Timid Guest
The Aggressive Guest
The “Fussy” Guest
The OVER-Familiar Guest
The Solo Guest
The Trouble-Making Guest
The Disabled Guest

Throughout this site you'll meet some of our guests and learn more about what they like...and dislike.


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