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Closing the Table: Getting It Right

Before presenting the check, look it over to make sure you have charged for everything correctly.

After you have determined that the check is correct, give the check in a booklet to the host of the table (if known), or place it in the center of the table and say "Thank you.” Make sure to let the customer know, at this time, that you are the cashier and will take care of the check whenever they are ready. There is nothing more aggravating for a customer than wandering around looking for a cashier. People also hate to tip when they are standing up by the front door, waiting for the waiter or waitress.

After presenting the check, take a few steps and glance back at the table. If they already have their cash or credit card ready, it may mean they are in a hurry to leave. If this is the case, try to close the transaction immediately or as soon as possible. Guests will notice and appreciate this.

We use a server banking system; you are your own cashier. Your are responsible for all your money, including cash, credit card vouchers, comps, discounts and traveler's checks until the end of your shift. You must start your shift with your own thirty-five dollars that is used to make your opening change bank.

If the customer is paying cash, do not make change right at the table!! Take the check and cash to the back of the house, and make change. Return the check and change on either a tip tray, or a book, along with the receipt. If the customer is paying with a credit card, follow the house procedure. Once the guest has signed the voucher, pick up both the check and voucher, and again, thank the customer. DO NOT examine the tip as you leave the dining room!!

REMEMBER, the process of closing out the check is the time when the guest is deciding on the tip amount. A bad impression here can undo all previous good impressions, and have a direct effect on your gratuity.


Approved methods of payment are cash, VISA, Master Card, and American Express, and checks. All other methods of payment, i.e. Travelers Cheques, require management approval. When accepting personal checks, you must get approval by management, and include the following information:

Driver's license number
Current address
Phone number (day and evening)

Here are the procedures to follow when receiving a payment in cash –

1. As noted above, never make change at the table - go to the nearest server station.

2. When making change, always count it twice.

3. Give the guest some one and five dollar bills to tip you with.

4. Return the change to the guest's table on a tip tray.

5. Always keep your cash and receipts in a wallet or your apron.

6. Paper bills make no noise when it hits the floor so be very careful with your bills.

7. Never leave your money or wallet unattended.

8. If you are concerned about carrying too much cash during a shift, make a drop with a manager in exchange for an IOU.

Always remember, treat credit card vouchers like they are cash - THEY ARE. Handle with care


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