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7. Satifaction

Satisfaction Survey

Here is a sample customer satisfaction survey. Note the majority of questions critical to customer satisfaction involve the quality of service.

Please indicate your level of agreement or disagreement with the following statements.

The food was served hot and fresh
The menu had an excellent selection of items
The quality of food was excellent
The food was very tasty and flavorful

Did you have a reservation?

Approximately how many minutes did you wait before you were seated?

The waiting time was

About what I expected
A little longer than I expected
Much longer than I expected

Please indicate your level of agreement or disagreement with the following statements

We sere seated promptly
A server was there to take our order quickly
The server was friendly and patient when taking our order
Our server coordinated the timing of the courses perfectly
The server was able to answer all our questions    
Overall, the service was excellent    
Considering everything, our dining experience was a good value    

Would you recommend us to a friend?

How would you describe our restaurant to someone who has never been here?

Quality Control

An important ingredient in customer satisfaction is quality.

Quality control is a primary responsibility of every employee serving food and drinks to the customer. You are the last person to come in contact with the food before the customer does. If something does not look right or is not presentable, DO NOT SERVE IT! The saying "People eat with their eyes" is very true. Make sure all of your products look good on the plates.

Things to look for before leaving the kitchen:

1. HOT food. Few things are more basic but more important. Check to see of your food is hot. Just because something is in the window, does not mean that it is hot. If it is not hot, DO NOT TAKE IT OUT. Tell the manager. NEVER yell or argue with a cook. Go directly to the manager. This will alleviate a lot of problems.

2. Clean plates. Always check any plates, mugs, silverware, and napkins before you present them to the customer. Check food basket for grease spots, spilled food, etc.

3. Correct portions. Always check to see that the product is in the right portions. Make sure you are taking YOUR order. This can be very embarrassing at the table. Always ask yourself if you would eat that item if it were brought to you.

4. Call for back-ups. If something in the kitchen looks low and you are about to run out, TELL SOMEONE. If you take one of the last bowls of soup, call for back-ups. If the salad is warm or wilted, do everyone a favor, and say something before the customer is served.

5. When bringing out drinks, be certain the glass is clean, filled to the proper level, and that the garnish is correct, fresh and attractive.

6. Cold food is as equally important as hot food. Make sure cold foods are going out cold, not warm or cool, but cold.

7. Bring necessary condiments with order: i.e., ketchup, mustard, Parmesan cheese, etc.

8. Check back . . . within two bites to make sure everything is perfect. Don't say, "Is everything o.k.?" Guests here this trite saying so often it's meaningless. Say something like, "How's your filet cooked?" Be specific and sincere in wanting to know the answer.

9. If the customer is not satisfied . . . or there is obviously something wrong at the table, i.e., cracked glass, foreign object in food, not cooked properly, etc., use the following steps:

Remove the items immediately.
Get a manager. Management will take the necessary steps in making sure that the problem is corrected and that the customer is 100% satisfied.

10. Remember, the appearance of the exterior of the building, the greeting of the host, the cleanliness of the restrooms, the appearance of the staff, the quenching taste of our beverages, the flavor and freshness of our food, are all equal quality points. WE must control for the experience of our guests.

  Customers are like snowflakes...no two are exactly alike. What creates satisfaction in the minds of our customers can vary over a wide range of experiences, interactions and tastes. Unless the customer is a regular and you've served them before and know them well, never make assumptions regarding what will satisfy your customers.

Another trap to avoid is to think that what you like or find as a satisfying experience, or what you most enjoy doing as a server, is what the customer is like. Remember, we're all humans and that means we're all different. And don't forget, even your best customers can change from visit to visit, depending on who their with, the time of day and how the rest of their day has gone.

Below are a few customers with what creates a satisfying restaurant experience.






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