Enhanced Tribute

Your Enhanced Tribute package features additional "bonus" content on the DVD. In addition to the core presentation found on the Basic package, your Enhanced LEGACY DISK also includes an introductory message played when the disk is first viewed. This message can be a highlight from the honorees' interview, a personal introductory greeting from the honoree(s) or a message from a fellow family member. Also, the Enhanced package may contain up to five additional family segments of up to 60-seconds in duration each. These must be shot on the LEGACY DAY immediately after the honorees' LEGACY DAY interview.

The Enhanced Tribute also features a still-photo montage, if desired, of up to 50 photos or a maximum of four minutes. This is a great way to incorporate favorite family photos and, along with the musical accompaniment, is a great way to add even more enjoyment to your LEGACY DISK.

In addition, the Enhanced Tribute also features a LEGACY WEB PAGE. This is a great way to display family history, photos, written testimonials and selected video segments from your LEGACY DISK, for family and friends to enjoy both near and far. Plus, you can submit new content to update your page as many as four times per year.

Here's what you'll get with your Enhanced Tribute package:

CONSULTATION WITH YOUR LEGACY ADVISOR: Introductory reply (via e-mail) within 48 to 72 hours of submitting payment deposit and your on-line LEGACY QUESTIONNAIRE; a complementary 30-minute phone consultation with your LEGACY ADVISOR to complete the crafting of your LEGACY DAY interview; plus we'll be standing by to answer any other questions or assist you in attempting to accommodate any last-minute needs.

YOUR LEGACY DAY INTERVIEW: up to 60 minutes of on-camera time covering a wide array of previously-prioritized topics and subjects.

DISK CONTENT: Up to eight custom-crafted content categories in which your LEGACY DAY interview will be incorporated for straightforward and easy navigation.

GRAPHICS PACKAGE: Categories and questions will be presented in a text-only form against a custom animated background with music bed accompaniment.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Introductory video segment (up to 60 seconds) to serve as a highlight, introduction or welcome; up to five additional video segments, each up to 60-seconds, to be included in the "Tribute" feature category on the disk. This is a great way for other family member and friends to leave their mark on your legacy. NOTE: These must be recorded at the time of the honorees' LEGACY DAY interview.

DISK FACE DESIGN: Standard design includes honorees names and the date of production.

LEGACY WEB PAGE: Your own parcel of real estate on the World Wide Web. Your page is a great way to display family history, photos, written tributes and selected video segments from your LEGACY DISK for friends and family, near and far, to enjoy. You can have your Web page content modified up to four times a year. Some limitations apply.

FINISHED DVDs PROVIDED: 4 (we encourage our clients to place at least one completed DVD in a safe place for future preservation. Additional copies are available at a price of $29.99 (limit of 5 additional disks)

PRICE: $1,499

Premium Tribute
Basic Tribute



  A LEGACY of Family

& Anita

Dallas, TX

When Brookhaven Country Club in Dallas prepared to celebrate its 50th anniversary, staff members realized that they were short on archival materials. They chose The LEGACY DISK to tell an oral video history of the club…which led to oral video histories of some club members, like Houston and Anita Goodspeed.

What Others Say
"It was a lot of fun helping to tell the club's story. We were a little apprehensive about being on camera, but that lasted only a few minutes. They made us feel so comfortable, we decided we needed to tell our personal story, too."

Houston Goodspeed
Retired Insurance Executive
Dallas, TX