Chuck & Betty Bowman
"Faith, Hope, and Love... and the greatest of these is Love."
1 Corinthians 13:13

The words in this bible verse is how my brother Brad and I were raised. I have always found comfort knowing that the love my parents have for me is an unconditional love. The faith my parents always have, through trials and tribulations, somehow they knew I would emerge on the other side a stronger, better person. Their hope for my life to be as full as theirs has been is indeed hopeful! I'm so thankful for having the Faith, Hope, and Love shown to me and instilled in my life by my two wonderful parents! Thanks Mom and Dad for your Faith, Hope, and Love! I love you both and I am so happy to have the Legacy Disk to remind me of our great family!

Your loving daughter,
Becky Bowman Custred

Vital Statistics

Given Name
Charles Gilbert Bowman
Place of Birth
Ponca City, OK
Date of Birth
Alma Mater
University of Oklahoma


Given Name
Betty Lee
Rhae Dobbs

Place of Birth
Minco, OK
Date of Birth
Alma Mater
Oklahoma A&M
College Choices
Chuck and Betty choose to attend rival colleges and Betty unknowingly watches her future husband in action.
Young Newlyweds
After Chuck and Betty marry in 1960, they quickly gravitate to dinner-time staples fresh...out of the can.
    From Our Family and Friends
Dear Chuck and Betty:

We’ve been honored to know you for almost 25 years and have been honored to be your friends here in the Edmond area. Your spiritual walk has been an inspiration to our family as well as countless others in our church. We wish you well and thanks for all you do.

Bob and Linda Evans, Edmond, OK

Chuck and Betty:

Wow, your own Web page! It’s been fun to see learn more about you and see the old photos and new videos posted to this page. It’s obvious to me that neither of you are getting any older, you’re just getting better, and in Chuck’s case as he told about “biting back” in the Bedlam Game, he’s definitely maintained his lofty sense of humor, too! Best wishes to you and the rest of your family.

Brad Parrott, San Antonio, TX

To Our Friends, the Bowmans:

As both of us approach a half-century of marital bliss, Sonnie and I are so proud to have been able to share so much of our lives with you in that time. We’ve seen successes and some (but, fortunately not a lot of) failures. We’ve watched children and now grandchildren grow and make us proud. You’ve served as an inspiration to us and we know you’ve also inspired so many others with whom you’ve come in contact. May God bless you richly and abundantly.

Soni and Clendon Thomas, Oklahoma City, OK

Dear Mom and Dad:

Thank you for letting me convince you to be a part of the Legacy Disk project. Sitting and speaking with you during the interview was a truly special time for me. I learned a lot. You made me laugh and cry (no big surprise there). Now, having seen the finished DVD, I think we all have new memories that we will cherish forever. It will be fun to place new family photos here on this page and to see the kind words and warm tributes that others will be sending your way. I love you so much.

Becky Bowman Custred, Edmond, OK

Sporting Life
With football as the predominant backdrop, sports become a natural way of life for Chuck and Betty's family.

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