Premier Tribute

Our Premier Tribute includes, not only your custom crafted LEGACY DISK oral video history, but also The LEGACY WEB PAGE and The LEGACY BOOK, a publisher's-quality hardbound book featuring up to 40 pages of photos, recollections, personal messages or anything else that can be preserved in print. Your LEGACY ADVISOR will work tirelessly to create a layout and presentation that will make this package precious and priceless to your and your family.

Here's what you'll get with your Premier Tribute package:

CONSULTATION WITH YOUR LEGACY ADVISOR: Introductory reply (via e-mail) within 48 to 72 hours of submitting payment deposit and your on-line LEGACY QUESTIONNAIRE; a complementary 30-minute phone consultation with your advisor to complete the crafting of your LEGACY DAY interview; plus we'll be standing by to answer any other questions or assist you in attempting to accommodate any last-minute needs.

YOUR LEGACY DAY INTERVIEW: up to 60 minutes of on-camera time covering a wide array of previously-prioritized topics and subjects.

DISK CONTENT: Up to eight custom-crafted content categories in which your LEGACY INTERVIEW will be incorporated for straightforward and easy navigation.

CAMERA SET-UP: Simulated two-camera approach, with both medium and close-up shots of the subjects and the opportunity to place a family member (or friend) in the "interviewer's chair" to become a part of the on-camera experience.

MENU INTERFACE: Customized, including existing family photos, if desired

GRAPHICS PACKAGE: Custom Category graphics, either family photos or optional graphic motif (four from which to choose). Questions may be posed on camera by a select family member or friend. If no one is chosen to serve as the "interviewer", questions will be presented in a text-only form against a custom animated background with music bed accompaniment.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Introductory video segment (up to 60 seconds) to serve as a highlight, introduction or welcome; up to five additional video segments, each up to 60-seconds, to be included in the "Tribute" feature category on the disk. This is a great way for other family member and friends to leave their mark on your legacy. NOTE: These must be recorded at the time of the honorees' interview.

DISK FACE DESIGN: Custom design includes honorees' names and the date of production.

LEGACY WEB PAGE: Your own parcel of real estate on the World Wide Web. Your page is a great way to display family history, photos, written tributes and selected video segments from your LEGACY DISK for friends and family, near and far, to enjoy. You can have your Web page content modified up to four times a year. Some limitations apply.

FINISHED DVDs PROVIDED: 6 (we encourage our clients to place at least one completed DVD in a safe place for future preservation. Additional copies are available at a price of $29.99 (limit of 5 additional disks)

LEGACY BOOKS INCLUDED IN PACKAGE: 1 (additional copies may be purchased for $99.99 each)

PRICE: $1,999

Enhanced Tribute

Basic Tribute


  A LEGACY of Leading

Chuck & Betty

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Edmond, OK

Chuck and Betty Bowman started their lives together as an aspiring football coach and his teacher-bride. Today, the two are among the most respected Christian leaders in Oklahoma. Through their tireless work with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Bowmans have inspired countless young men and women to find their way with the Lord.

What Others Say
“Our daughter, Becky, convinced us to do this and we’re so glad we did. It’s one thing to have lived our lives, but, another to take the time to reflect on them. Plus, we remembered some things we hadn’t thought about in years.”

Betty Bowman
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Edmond, OK