Basic Tribute

While we may call it the Basic Tribute, there's nothing basic about the rich content to be found as you or your loved ones discuss the high points of a long and successful life. Because of the time you spend in advance with your LEGACY ADVISOR, we'll have prepared the right questions to elicit captivating and insightful comments about family, friend, achievements, memories and a life's legacy.

Your Basic Tribute DVD is handsomely created with a custom-crafted graphic user interface unique to your project. Each disk is labeled with the honorees names and the date of your LEGACY DAY interview.

Here's what you'll get with your Basic Tribute package:

CONSULTATION WITH YOUR LEGACY ADVISOR: Introductory reply (via e-mail) within 48 to 72 hours of submitting payment deposit and your on-line LEGACY QUESTIONNAIRE; a complementary 30-minute phone consultation with your advisor to complete the crafting of your LEGACY DAY interview; plus we'll be standing by to answer any other questions or assist you in attempting to accommodate any last-minute needs.

YOUR LEGACY DAY INTERVIEW: up to 60 minutes of on-camera time covering a wide array of previously-prioritized topics and subjects.

DISK CONTENT: Up to eight custom-crafted content categories in which your LEGACY DAY interview will be incorporated for straightforward and easy navigation.

GRAPHICS PACKAGE: Categories and questions will be presented in a standard, non-custom text-only format with music bed accompaniment.

SPECIAL FEATURES: None included with the Basic Tribute package

DISK FACE DESIGN: Standard design includes honorees names and the date of production.

FINISHED DVDs PROVIDED: 4 (we encourage our clients to place at least one completed DVD in a safe place for future preservation. Additional copies are available at a price of $29.99 (limit of 5 additional disks)

PRICE: $1,299

Premium Tribute
Enhanced Tribute


  A LEGACY of Food
Pat Hanon
St. Louis, MO
Pat Hanon knows hospitality and he's passed that knowledge on to the next generation. As one of the most successful restaurant and hotel owners in St. Louis, Hanon has a passion for his life's work, which now includes two of his sons, who commissioned The LEGACY DISK to capture their father's 40-plus years of fabulous food and fun.

What Others Say
"It means so much to us to get all Dad's stories on DVD. He now has grandchildren and it is reassuring that they'll have the chance to know and understand him when they become adults themselves."
David Hanon
Restaurant Co-Owner
St. Louis, MO