About the Disk
Just as a wedding video preserves memories for a lifetime, The LEGACY DISK professionally captures the memories of a lifetime. Now there is a way to honor a full life well-lived and ensure that the people, places and events that shape a family and its history are never lost to time.

You'll find that the creation of your LEGACY DISK is a journey your entire family will want to share. With The LEGACY DISK, you'll capture time, not in a bottle, but on the gleaming surface of a digitally-encoded DVD. And, while you can think of your LEGACY DISK experience as "posing for your life portrait", the process is much more than just sitting in front of a video camera to answer someone's questions.

Once you subscribe to The LEGACY DISK, you'll begin a process that will unlock the recollection of years gone by. That process, in which we carefully and lovingly craft your story, includes:

submitting, via the LEGACY QUESTIONNAIRE on this site, a brief outline of your life's major milestones, or those of your loved ones
responding, via e-mail, to your LEGACY ADVISOR, who will help you further understand (and enjoy) the process of preparing for your LEGACY DAY interview
scheduling a phone conversation (up to 30 minutes in length) with your LEGACY ADVISOR, to help us get more familiar with your story and to help you get further acquainted and comfortable with our team, and, finally
receiving, via e-mail, the set of topics and questions, for your review and approval, from which your LEGACY DAY interview will be conducted.

Then, in the near future, you'll take part in your LEGACY DAY experience. You'll walk onto The LEGACY DISK Set, meet your LEGACY ADVISOR in person, and then be seated and prepped for your up-to-60-minute on-camera interview. In no time, you'll be relaxed, comfortable and enjoying the experience of telling a story that you well know because you've spent a lifetime living it.

Within two weeks of your LEGACY DAY interview, you'll receive an e-mail with instructions to go on line and see a preview of your LEGACY DISK. Then, in an additional four to six weeks, your finished LEGACY DISK keepsake package will arrive in your home to be treasured and enjoyed for generations to come.



  Crafting The Story

One of the key elements in creating your LEGACY DISK project is the enjoyable process of getting acquainted. When you entrust us to tell your life story or that of a loved one, it is important we work together to ensure that the story is told to its utmost.

We’ve developed an “exploratory protocol” that makes getting to the heart of your story straightforward and fun. That process begins after you’ve made your initial payment when you fill out your LEGACY QUESTIONNAIRE. This simple and easy-to-complete form helps us begin to get to know you or your loved ones. Once we receive your completed questionnaire, you’ll then be contacted via e-mail by one of our LEGACY ADVISORS, who will have a few more questions for you to answer, some of which you might want to share with fellow family members.

When you’ve provided this additional information, we’ll begin to polish what we think your story might be. At that point, we’ll work together to schedule your complimentary 30-minute phone call. It’s during that call that you’ll begin to get acquainted with your LEGACY ADVISOR who will work with you and, if you desire, other members of your family whom you might wish to include on the call, to finalize the key components of your story and also to schedule your LEGACY DAY interview.

Following this simple three-step process ensures that your finished LEGACY DISK is everything you and your family want it to be now and for generations to come.