Leadership Resources, LLC offers a variety of programs to assist executives, managers, and individual contributors in learning how to become more effective leaders in their professional and personal lives.

Distance Learning Programs

We offer three distance learning programs:

Executive Team Coaching
Management Development
Individual Contributor Development

Over a period of 13 months, you will learn and apply the skills that will maximize your individual and team performance. We meet via bridge lines so you won't need to leave the office and can participate when you are away.

The distance learning programs include:

Two 90-minute team coaching sessions per month;
Detailed personal profiles for all team members on how their thinking biases impact their performance and the performance of the team.
Thirteen eLessons for all team members tailored to their personal thinking profiles.
An objective analysis of the team and specific suggestions for maximizing the performance of the team and each team member.

We encourage our clients to learn as a team within their company or with a group of their peers across the country. New corporate and public programs begin every month. Please contact us for more information.

Executive Team Coaching Program

We'll coach you on building management teams you can trust. We'll explore how you can lead your team to become the managers of your business. By increasing your awareness, you can bolster the effectiveness of your decision-making and free yourself to be the resource your company needs to reach the next level. We'll create the environment so you can learn how to let go of the "Chief Problem Solver" role.

Click here to review a summary of topics covered in the Executive Coaching Program.

Management Development Program

Management is about creating an environment for other people to be successful. Since the manager's success is predicated on his or her employee's success, our management development program builds the coaching skills required to maximize the performance of teams and team members. This program is also recommended to prepare employees for management and supervisory positions.

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Individual Contributor Development Program

As an individual contributor, projects and tasks may come from many different managers. These managers may not know your strengths, how you prefer to work, how many projects you are juggling, and how to best communicate with you. Being an effective individual contributor often requires very high levels of self control and self knowledge in very difficult situations.

The Individual Contributor Program will help you improve your performance by increasing your knowledge of your natural strengths and harnessing the power of what comes easily and naturally to you.

Click here to review a summary of topics covered in the Individual Contributor Development Program.

Life Presence Workshop

Our Life Presence workshop will help you examine your personal values, priorities and vision and design an achievable life plan that leads you to a life that nourishes, replenishes and renews.

On this three-day retreat, you will participate in powerful exercises and experiments that will deepen your understanding of who you are and where you want to go. You will leave with creative energy and dynamic ideas of how to execute your life plan at work and at home.

The Life-Presence workshop is offered three times a year with groups of eight to twelve participants. We are accepting registrations for the 2007 sessions. Please contact us for more information.


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