Executive Coaching

Dr. Doug Adams provides "Powerful, perceptive and practical advice…"
Dr. Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager® and The On-Time, On-Target Manager.

"Dr. Adam's expertise and insights serve as an unsurpassed resource and inspiration for CEOs and other leadership positions"
John Eggen, president of Mission Publishing

"Our sales and profits are increasing since we started working with Leadership Resources. By bringing our sales and service teams together, we understand each others strengths and make better decisions for the overall success of dealership. Our customers are happier than they've ever been."
Peter Sercia
General Manager
Lexus Monterey Peninsula and Victory Toyota

"Doug Adams and Leadership Resources LLC guided us from a small "mom and pop" management style to building a tremendously strong professional management team. The resources were all within the company we just had to figure out how to use them…Doug helped us create a vision of what was possible and rides with us as we implement it."
Marty Morganrath
Blaze Engineering, Inc

"After completing the Manager's Program, I began the Individual Contributor Program for my group. We are communicating better as a group and are improving our team problem-solving skills. The Team Directory has been instrumental in helping me become a better coach. I find we are spending less time on human issues and more time solving complex business problems."
Karen Morgan
Business Manager
Victory Toyota, Inc

"Our firm could not have made the transition from top-down decision making to team-based management without your help. Your consulting is a major factor in making our firm even more successful."
R. Michael Green, CPA

"Dr. Adams brings a unique, refreshing and authoritative perspective to business leadership issues."
Mark Hagland, Health Care Strategic Consultant

Life Planning

"Patricia creates safe groups to talk about hard issues. She brings presence and humor to help people learn about themselves and their relationships so they can change and transform their lives"
Rhonda Greenberg, President Paradise Interiors, Scottsdale Arizona

"Thank you for holding the space for us to learn, laugh, love and move beyond anything that holds us back from enjoying this glorious experience that we have called LIFE. Thank you for helping me to be PRESENT in it."
Laura Moran, Costanoa Lodge

"Being "present" in my life, and to my life, is the most precious gift I can give to my Self. Patricia and Doug in their gentle ways, have lead me back on the path to my true Self, with great skill and loving care".
Cynthia Johnson-Bianchetta
Photographer, Artist & Curator



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