Individual Contributor Program Topics

"The 4 Thinking Conditions"

Your will learn the "4 Thinking Conditions," and how your personal thinking profile helps or hinders your effectiveness especially under stress.

Establishing Your Trustworthiness

Consistent and dependable performance leads to career opportunities and advancement. Your personal thinking profile can help or hinder your trustworthiness. Self audit tools are provided to assist you in assessing how you are perceived in your workplace with respect to your trustworthiness.

A Flexible, Responsive and "Can-Do" Approach

Flexibility can energize, encourage and generate results. There is a difference between the "perception" of being flexible and actually "being" flexible and responsive. You will learn how your personal thinking profile can work for you or against you in this area.

Organizing Your Work

Organizing your work gains the confidence of others. Understand the problems with organizing, the keys to organizing effectively and complete a checklist to assess your level of organization. It also includes how your personal thinking profile helps you with organization and the tendencies to watch out for that can limit your effectiveness.

Prioritizing Work - Doing the most important things first

Learn the importance of prioritizing your work accurately. Understand the importance of practical thinking and how your personal thinking orientation can help you or limit you and how to prioritize your work more effectively

Manifesting a Learning Attitude

Learn the importance of ongoing personal growth and development. Understand how your personal thinking profile affects your approach to growth and learning. You will design an action plan to begin pursuing three areas that are important for your growth.

Creating Positive Energy

Bringing Energy to our relationships affects our success. Your personal thinking orientation can be an energy "creator" or an energy "drain". Understand how you can use your thinking profile to bring more energy into situations.

Gaining and Keeping Your Boss' Confidence

Managers have confidence in people that get things done. Understand how your profile helps get desired results and where it can cause problems. You'll discover ways to reshape your thinking to become more results oriented and gain your boss' confidence.

Surprising Your Boss

Understand why surprising your boss is usually deadly and why behaviors like "asking for forgiveness instead of permission" can lead to mistrust. Understand how your thinking orientation that can blindly lead you to make decisions that end up surprising your boss. You will learn how to improve your decision-making to minimize the occurrence of unpleasant surprises.

Earning the Respect of Your Colleges

Having the respect of your colleges is crucial to your success. A personal audit process is provided to help you more accurately assess the quality of your peer relationships and how you can grow to gain the respect of your peers.

Respecting Your Colleges

Treating your colleagues with respect is also crucial to your success. Understand how your personal thinking profile can cause you to communicate respect and disrespect and develop strategies to show respect when they are not consistent with your thinking orientation.

Maximizing Your Effectiveness

You'll review the lessons learned in and outline specific behaviors that successful individual contributors demonstrate their communication, performance and relationship with teammates. You will also receive a summary of your personal strengths and how to get the most from them in these three areas.

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