Time seems to be speeding up and sometimes we have to sit down and listen to that still small self that begs to be heard for a rich and fulfilling life.

In our busy worlds, time for reflection and contemplation is often ignored. So much time and energy is spent outwardly focusing on the demands of others, we rarely have an opportunity to think about how we want to live our own lives.

To be a great leader in and outside of work, you need to be the leader of your own life. Many of the leadership skills and knowledge used at work can be called upon to build a life based on authentic core values. Quiet time and a framework of exercises will help you build a personal mission statement, clear goals, and an action plan to achieve those goals. To live a richer life understanding one's role, behavior and impact on the family team and work team is important. New learning and self understanding can enrich both teams. Challenge yourself to BE A LEADER IN YOUR OWN LIFE by attending our Life Presence Workshop.

This retreat is especially helpful in preparing for transitions and times of uncertainty. Whether you're anticipating a career change, a lifestyle change or any type of significant change to your current situation, we can assist you in creating a specific, achievable plan for managing and embracing change.
Life Presence is a workshop like no other. You will take a deeper look at your life to:

Examine your life's purpose, needs, dreams, values, and priorities
Grow your understanding and appreciation of yourself and others
Courageously look at your behavior and the challenges that lie ahead
Determine what you need to accomplish to fulfill your life's purpose
Create a strategic life plan that reflects conscious intention regarding your present and future life.

Three public workshops are scheduled annually with groups of eight to twelve participants.

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