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Family (2004) Click here to play

Austin: We want to tell you why Russ Carnahan...

Andrew: ...our dad...

Austin: ...will make a great Congressman.

Andrew: He is way into job creation.

Russ: Ok guys, let's split this up. Andrew, you mow the grass, Austin you wash the car.

Austin: He's always stressing the importance of education.

Russ: So you see energy equals mass times velocity.

Andrew: Dad, can I please have my Gameboy back?

Andrew: And he works harder than anyone we know.

Russ: I'm Russ Carnahan, and I approve this message because I'll work hard for all our families.
Health Care (2004) Click here to play

Narrator: Donuts have holes. Tires have holes. So does this, The New Medicare Prescription Drug Law. It's so full of holes in coverage that seniors could end up paying thousands more for their prescriptions.

Russ: I'm Russ Carnahan and in Congress I will fight for a real prescription drug bill, not for one with huge holes in coverage.

Narrator: Russ Carnahan, he'll push to allow the government to negotiate lower drug prices and for FDA approved drugs from Canada.

Russ: I approve this message because these are the only holes seniors should have to think about.

Spot #1 (2004) Click here to play

Narrator: Growing up, he learned a lot from his parents. The value of hard work, keeping your word and above all else helping others. Now, when our country needs strong leaders, Russ Carnahan is ready to go to Washington to get us back on the right track. Russ Carnahan, in the legislature, he made his priorities clear fighting for better jobs, healthcare for our children, and more affordable prescription drugs. And as our Congressman, Russ Carnahan will continue to fight for our families. He'll make the economy his number one priority. In Washington, Carnahan will crack down on companies that send jobs overseas. He'll work to increase the minimum wage and expand job training. Russ Carnahan knows that his number one job is to make sure you keep yours. Russ Carnahan, experience you can count on.

Russ: I'm Russ Carnahan and I approve this message.

Narrator: Paid for and authorized by the Carnahan for Congress committee.



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