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Obtained $42 million in authorization earmarks in SAFETEA-LU (P.L. 109-59)

• $3.856 million for Missouri Botanical Garden road improvements (design and build an additional exit ramp access lane from I-44 to Kingshighway and redesign the intersection in front of the Garden) (City of St. Louis)

• $3.2 million for South County Riverfront (recreation-based improvements and public access to 12-mile stretch of green space on the Mississippi River) (St. Louis County)

• $8 million for Hanley Road improvements (St. Louis County)

• $8 million for I-55 and Weber Road improvements (St. Louis County)

• $4 million for Highway 21 improvements (Jefferson County)

• $13.744 million for Route MM improvements (Jefferson County)

• $1.2 million for Route 61 bridge replacement (Ste. Genevieve County)

In addition, authorizations were obtained for the following transit projects:

• University City Vintage Trolley Track (St. Louis County)

• MetroSouth Corridor MetroLink (Light Rail) Extension (St. Louis County)

Fiscal Year 2006 Appropriations

Obtained approximately $2.3 million in FY06 appropriations earmarks

• $705,000 for the Missouri Botanical Garden for the enhancements of its Virtual Plant Database

• $550,000 to continue work on the Ste. Genevieve Levee

• $160,000 for road resurfacing in West City Park in Festus

• $150,000 for the City of Ste. Genevieve to replace and refurbish sidewalks

• $700,000 to St. Louis Metro, in collaboration with CORTEX, to build an inter-model transfer station

Water Resources Development Act

Obtained $27 million in authorizations in House passed bill. Senate has not yet passed this legislation.

• $20 million increase for City and County Combined Sewer Overflow elimination to rehab entire sewer system to prevent overflow and flooding of local creeks and streams

• River Des Peres Flood Control Project: Federal credit for work already completed in University City by the Metropolitan Sewer District (MDS), which allows them to apply about $5 million of funds spent to future work

• Festus and Crystal City Flood Control: $2 million increase for levee and flood control projects in the City of Crystal City and City of Festus

• Authorization for a Navigation Pilot Program for fish, wildlife, and ecosystem restoration in and around structures on the Mississippi River. We are adding this work at no cost into existing Regulation Works projects

• Extension of authorization (through 2015) for the Missouri and Middle Mississippi Rivers Enhancement Project, which provides for ecosystem restoration on the open river and side channels

Special Initiatives

• Rallied the support of approximately 20 members of Congress to oppose Governor's Blunt's request for a Waiver and State Plan Amendment to implement his proposed Medicaid cuts. CMS did turn down the State's initial request.

• Led over 200 Members of Congress in opposition to proposed cuts to student aid during the budget reconciliation process.

• Secured lease language in the Defense Authorization Bill that would allow St. Louis County to go forward with economic development plans in Lemay. The proposed project would bring approximately $400 million in economic investment and 7,000 jobs to south St. Louis County.

Key Legislative Actions

• Took on the meth problem in the 3rd Congressional District. Joined the Congressional Meth Caucus. Cosponsored two key pieces of legislation that passed the House: H.R. 798, The Methamphetamine Remediation Research Act; and H.R. 3889, The Methamphetamine Epidemic Elimination Act. These pieces of legislation require research and guidelines for clean up and remediation of meth labs and take steps to eliminate the sources of meth in the United States.

• As member of the bipartisan whip team, played an integral role in passing H.R. 810, the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, through the House of Representatives.

• Became a leader in the Democratic Caucus on energy issues. Specifically, offered an amendment to promote the production and ownership of Hybrid Vehicles to the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and subsequently introduced The Qualified Motor Vehicle Hybrid Vehicle Tax Credit Act.

• Advocated for historic preservation tax credits by introducing the Historic Rehabilitation Enhancement Act of 2005, to ensure that state historic preservation tax credits are not counted as federal income and taxed by the Internal Revenue Service. This change would enhance the transferable nature of Missouri's state credits. Also, become an original cosponsor of The Community Restoration and Revitalization Act of 2005, to improve utilization of the federal credit.

• Sought to amend in Committee and on the House floor, H.R. 250, the Manufacturing Technology and Competitiveness Act. This amendment would have strengthened the bill's Council on Manufacturing by elevating it to the Presidential level and making sure that labor had a seat at the table.

• Spoke up for local issues at the federal level. Introduced and helped pass through Committee HR 1728, the French Colonial Heritage National Historic Site Study Act of 2005, to study parts of Ste. Genevieve, MO to determine whether they can be made a part of the National Park System. Also introduced resolutions congratulating St. Louis Cardinals Albert Pujols on winning the NL MVP for 2006 and Chris Carpenter on winning the NL Cy Young award for 2006.


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