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ENERGY - Security starts at home

The United States must move towards energy independence by developing alternative fuel sources. Such a policy can begin right here in the Midwest, where scientific innovations have made ethanol a viable and vital possibility in the near future. Russ Carnahan voted against tax credits for oil companies, and he has sponsored alternative measures that create incentives to produce alternative fuels. We need to roll back the Republican-sponsored tax-credits, worth $14 billion for Big Oil, and instead invest those resources in the America's future. Congressman Russ Carnahan is committed to supporting research and innovation that will provide long-term economic stability.

NATIONAL SECURITY - Protecting Americans at home and abroad

Congressman Carnahan serves on the International Relations committee in the US House of Representatives. He also serves on the International Terrorism and Nonproliferation subcommittee, which is responsible for monitoring terrorist organizations around the globe. The Congressman is committed to pursuing policies that will provide long-term security for American citizens.

The Congressman is also committed to ensuring that First Responders in Missouri have the proper equipment and training should a terrorist event occur here at home. The Congressman has supported legislation to provide federal funds for First Responders, and he has also carried out an analysis of terror targets throughout the 3rd District. Russ Carnahan in committed to legislation that defends Missourians against terror threats from abroad and here at home.

STEM CELLS - Life-saving scientific research

The U.S. Congress should hold a leadership role in the scientific community and establish strong ethical standards for stem cell research. Stem cell research has the potential to provide life saving cures for a number of degenerative and deadly diseases. Russ Carnahan has led the fight in Congress for responsible scientific research to benefit the American people.

METHAMPHETAMINE ABUSE - Curbing destructive addictions

Curbing methamphetamine abuse nation-wide, and particularly in Jefferson County, is a top priority for Congressman Carnahan. He is working to implement measures that would tighten restrictions on the purchase of cold medicines used to make meth. Carnahan believes that protecting our families from the negative effects of methamphetamine abuse is vital to the safety and health of our region.

TRANSPORTATION - Building safer roadways

Congressman Carnahan believes the enhancement of our transportation infrastructure is crucial to safe travel throughout our region and is a means to promote our economic development and viability. Carnahan promotes the use of public transportation and sponsored a bill with incentives for car buyers and manufacturers of hybrid vehicles to increase the alternatives available in everyday transportation.

Ongoing Issues

SOCIAL SECURITY - Protecting peoples' retirements

The Social Security system has worked for over 70 years and returning the country to its economic growth from the 1990's would guarantee Social Security for another century. Low growth rates would still keep Social Security solvent for decades. Russ Carnahan knows that a false crisis over Social Security is no excuse to shift benefits from the poor and middle class to the wealthy. Strong and stable Social Security is the foundation for seniors and future retirees.

HEALTHCARE - Providing affordable medical service

Congressman Carnahan is working to reform national healthcare policies and to extend coverage to the 45 million uninsured Americans and the 620,000 uninsured Missourians. Congress must redirect President Bush's tax cuts to provide basic medical services for all Americans. Russ knows that access to basic healthcare and affordable prescription drugs for every American is a fiscally and socially responsible policy.

JOBS - Defending America's Workers

Russ Carnahan joins labor unions, human rights groups and environmental organizations in a steadfast commitment to strengthen the US economy through support of fair trade policies. He knows that one of the most important jobs of the government is to protect every American worker's right to fair wages and benefits. Workers depend on American companies to provide jobs, healthcare and security. Likewise, the government has an important role to encourage business growth and opportunity in our region.

SENIORS - Returning the favor

Russ Carnahan vows to support our seniors after the sacrifices they have made for our country. Strong and stable Social Security and Medicare programs are the foundation of Russ' plan for seniors. Russ favors tax credits for seniors with long-term care needs and curbing unfunded mandates on the federal level, which often cause states to dramatically increase property taxes. These skyrocketing property taxes too often hurt seniors.

CIVIL RIGHTS - Moving toward equality in America

Russ Carnahan fights for the day that all Americans may be considered equal, regardless of race, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation. He strongly opposes discrimination in the areas of voting rights, housing, employment and education. Russ wants new Americans, like previous generations of immigrants, to continue their great contributions to our region and country. New citizens need to become full partners in our community, practicing social citizenship that will garner recognition, responsibility and opportunity for them.

EDUCATION - Providing positive learning environments

The Bush Administration's No Child Left Behind Act fails to provide the necessary funding to meet its own standards. Russ Carnahan is working hard to ensure that public schools receive the funding they need to successfully educate Missouri's students. Congress must work to create schools that prepare children for the future and fight to ensure that higher education is affordable for everyone.

ENVIRONMENT - Conserving for our grandchildren

Drilling for oil or gas in Alaska's Artic National Wildlife Refugee will have no effect on the country's dependence on foreign oil and will not reduce gas prices for consumers. Congressman Carnahan opposes this rash act and instead supports renewable energy policies that focus on conserving existing resources and finding new forms of renewable energy. He has sponsored legislation offering tax credits to both manufacturers and consumers of hybrid vehicles.

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