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2014 Scholarship Finalists

Dara George
Second Baptist School

Parents: Ken and Ola George
Sibling (Age): Dami (16)
HS GPA: 4.3
Intended Major Field of Study: Chemical Engineering/Pre-Med



Throughout my high school career, I have chosen to take classes that would both challenge me in hopes of learning as well as help me discover just how hard I am willing to push myself. In my future I do in fact desire to be successful, but I desire to be successful in all areas of life. It is my lifetime goal to find an occupation that satisfies me as well as one in which I am also able to excel in the hopes to directly give back to my community because of the opportunities it has given me throughout the years. I have taken the AP- level track in certain subjects in order to experience higher difficulty levels because life does not come easily, but those who are determined can conquer whatever obstacles may lie in front of them.

My academics have taught me to follow through in the commitments I have made even though frequently those commitments seemed tedious or difficult. These challenging classes have enabled me experientially to witness that hard work does pay off. For some, ingenuity may come naturally; but for me, I see that when I apply myself, greater outcomes are manifested because of my diligence. This fall I will be attending the University of Oklahoma, pursing a Chemical Engineering: Pre-Med/ Biomedical degree.
The sciences have always intrigued me as a student and as a current senior at Second Baptist School in Houston Texas, I have chosen to take AP Chemistry and want to continue in that specific scientific field. There are so many astounding breakthroughs taking place in the scientific field right now and it is an amazing time to be apart of that world. My work experience at the Houston Museum of Natural Science solidified my desire to pursue chemical engineering because I was fortunate enough to be exposed to engineering and the sciences as a summer teaching assistant. I will return to the Museum of Natural Science as a teaching assistant for another year before college beings.

In addition to my personal experiences, family members in the healthcare field, including my father and extended relatives, inspired the pre-med/biomedical aspect of my degree. Furthermore, growing up around those involved in the medical field, I have always dreamed of one day becoming a doctor because I am greatly fascinated in helping those in need or doing research about developing new ways to recuperate the human body. Even as a child I remember falling down and scraping my knees and wanting to get better and knowing how to help others fix themselves up. I also hope to study and apply new forms of treatment and innovative medication for the diseases and aliments that continue to cause problems for millions of people around the world.

As a doctor I want to be able to treat those who are less fortunate and do not have access quality medical treatments or facilities. A degree in chemical engineering: pre/med biomedical track is merely the first step to becoming a practicing doctor and I do want to continue in my education and eventually become a medical student. More specifically, oncology has always been a particular field of medicine I have been interested in, so specialization in oncology will be the following steps of my education. Cancer is a disease that has directly affected my family and causes millions of deaths. My grandmother died of cancer when I was twelve years old. As a child I did not fully understand the pain of cancer but I saw how badly the sickness indirectly affected my mother and my extended family. I hope to become another person who assists the efforts to decrease its damage among the lives of others. I think that having a background in chemical engineering will benefit me in the medical world. I know that through chemical engineering I will have previous knowledge about the nanotechnology used in chemotherapy and radiation. Chemical engineering is a door to medicine and the things I will learn in that field can greatly advance me in a health profession.

Similarly to my relatives, I hope to work in smaller towns or hospitals in the country so that I can have a more intimate work environment and a more individualized experience with each patient and colleague. The health profession is the area of work I will strive to be apart of in the future, whether it may be as a doctor, researcher, or scientist in the lab, for example an MD/PHD program.

Second Baptist School has prepared me extensively in the journey to achieve my goals. I believe I have had a well-rounded high school experience because I have participated in sports like volleyball my freshman and sophomore year, until I fractured my foot, but also clubs like Key Club and Spanish Club throughout all my years of high school. These opportunities have taught me important characteristics like dedication, leadership, and hard work in order to obtain my future goals and succeed in whatever career path I may venture.

Second Baptist Key Club (2010-2014)
Second Baptist Spanish Club
Second Baptist Spanish Club President (2013-2014)
Angels of Light (2010-2014)
Church-affiliated outreach program
Salvation Army Volunteer (2010)
Star of Hope Volunteer (2010-2013)
Second Baptist Frisbee Club
Model UN Club
Volleyball Team
Freshman Representative (2010)

Silver Medal in Pre-Calculus- school-wide subject award
Bronze Medal in AP Spanish IV- school wide subject award
National Honor Society
Member of Spanish Honor Society
National Society of High School Scholars
Gold Medal in Algebra II- school-wide subject award
Gold Medal in Social Studies- school-wide subject award
Silver Medal in Geometry- school-wide subject award

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