Here, You’ll Find Compassion, Understanding and, Hopefully, Answers

This section is designed to be an online resource for those whose lives have been affected by a crisis pregnancy. Whether you are carrying an unborn child, are partners with the prospective mother of an unborn child or simply know of someone who is carrying a burden in their heart due to a crisis pregnancy, we offer here a wide range of links which may help you find the answers you need to honor the sanctity of life.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or if you still feel conflicted about your choices ahead, we encourage you to either visit Hope’s Corner or contact us here to find a caring heart who can provide further assistance to you or a loved one

Resources—Medical Issues

WebMD: Frequently Asked Questions about Pregnancy

Women's Health: Symptoms and Issues of Pregnancy

KidsHealth: Medical Issues During Pregnancy

Merck Manuals: Women’s Health Issues

American Pregnancy Association: Medical Terms to Know

Medicine Online: Confinement—Pregnancy

Healthline: Pregnancy Learning Center

Wikipedia: Complications of Pregnancy

Trisomy 18 Foundation


WellMother: Shouldn’t I Be Happy?

WebMD: Pregnancy’s Emotional Rollercoaster

KinderStart: Pregnancy and Birth—Emotional Issues

Disney Family Parenting: Emotional Issues

Birth Mother Resources: Emotional Issues for Birth Mothers


Child Welfare Information Gateway: Adoption


SafeChild: Pregnancy Counseling

Women’s Resource Center: Abortion Clinic Alternatives