Hope's Corner Unveiling
November 25, 2008
Mobile, AL

Opening Remarks from Founder Billy Cox

“We started this in a very simplistic way to try to educate anybody who may be interested in having an abortion. We’re not here to change laws. We’re not even here to change your mind. Really, what we want to do is make sure anyone involved, whether it be the father or mother or grandparent or sister is educated about what’s going on with the embryo or fetus and the mother at any particular stage of the pregnancy, up until 12 or 16 weeks.

“The reason my wife and I started this, on October 3, 2006, we had a child that was born with Trisomy-18, a very fatal, complicated disease. We were told early on that the child probably wouldn’t make it to term. Of course as in any crisis pregnancy, you consider your options. For us, in our situation, we decided to keep our child. She made it to term. She lived a glorious 56 days. She passed away November 28, 2006.

“Based on that and based on our crisis pregnancy and the position we’ve been in, we feel that we’re probably the best people involved to be able to position a neutral position on such a controversial issue.

“Everyone of us here, most likely, has been touched by abortion, either somebody you know, your girlfriend, your wife, a friend, somebody has had an abortion and may be happy with it or may regret their decision

“We would not blame somebody or look down on somebody that, based on our same circumstances with a child that has no real hope of living what we consider a normal life or even an extended life, might choose to terminate that pregnancy. That’s their decision and at this point, I think everybody should be able to choose what’s best for them. For us, not terminating was best for us. But, we don’t want to condemn, we don’t want to point fingers, we just want people to understand what is truly happening to have a true education on the matter and then to decide.”




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