“Let not your heart be troubled.”
John 14:1

It is with great joy and a humble heart that we welcome you to our new Web site. Claire’s Hope is certainly a place, not only on the Internet and at Hope’s Corner in Mobile, Alabama, but also Claire’s Hope is a remembrance, an ideal and a quest. We hope that your experience here and at Hope’s Corner will provide you or a loved one a source of information, a place of comfort and a sense of peace.

We gratefully thank you for your interest and your support.
May God richly bless you.



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Celebrating the memory of Claire Hope Cox; honoring the sanctity of human life


She entered this world surprising us all. She left us here together astounded. Her passing has left us both as parents stunned at the effect that she had on us. We always knew from the moment we learned of her illness, before her presence in this world, that all of her days were ordained. How glorious and comforting it was to know that in the midst of the turmoil of her short life, there truly WAS a plan....a divine plan.

Divine is defined as, “of God, sacred, holy”. And so it was. We had taken so lightly that God truly has a master plan. Claire’s life displayed this with an unsurpassed clarity. Claire showed us that even in what was to be a negative thing--an illness and, ultimately, a death—that all things truly do work together for good. She drew us out to live by our faith. She showed us that, in the appointed time, everything would be revealed.

As for Claire, she showed herself in such a way, that we now want to make her proud. We want to set a shining example in EVERY way because of the pureness and life that gushed from her tiny being. She has left us full of hope and confident of what is yet to come.

Tammy and Billy Cox
Claire’s Mother and Father
Founders, Claire’s Hope

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10/3/06 - 11/28/06