Our Mission

Educating, Enriching and Enlightening Today’s World to Honor the Sanctity of Human Life

Just as Claire’s life inspired so many others, Claire’s Hope is intended to be a place of serenity, clarity and understanding. Claire’s life is honored by celebrating the lives of those taken too soon from this world and in providing a place of forgiveness for those whose decisions or circumstances may have prevented a life from ever taking shape.

Both here on our Web site and at Hope’s Corner, those in the midst of a crisis pregnancy, whether their own or someone close, whether planned or unplanned, can find clear and uncluttered information to help chart a course toward a healthy, loving and blessed outcome.

Those of us associated with Claire’s Hope are not here to preach, condemn or condone. We know that women and men, every day, face difficult decisions regarding the unborn life they hold in their hands, or suffer unspoken grief concerning the loss of a precious loved one. Claire’s Hope is your sanctuary and you are always welcome and will always be uplifted here.