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We would not blame somebody or look down on somebody that, based on our same circumstances with a child that has no real hope of living a normal life or even an extended life, might choose to terminate that pregnancy. That’s their decision and at this point, I think everybody should be able to choose what’s best for them. For us, not terminating was best for us. But, we don’t want to condemn, we don’t want to point fingers, we just want people to understand what is truly happening to have a true education on the matter and then to decide.

Billy Cox, Founder, Claire's Hope

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I’m glad to see this because (abortion) is a battle of the heart. I know. I've been there. You can’t necessarily change laws, but people will do what is in their heart to do. From my own experience, what makes me sad about abortion is that it can’t be an informed choice until you’ve had a baby. I feel that I was lied to, but it’s forgiven, it’s done and I just want to let my experience help others make an informed choice.


My second grandchild was aborted right here in Mobile at this very center. If he or she had lived, our grandchild would be 26 years old today. For God to bring me here today, I believe that my grandchild in heaven is watching. This is just wonderful and it is the right attitude, the Godly attitude toward people who are caught up in the enemy’s lies. I just thank you for what you’re doing

Mary Hatcher, Lucedale, MS