Hope’s Corner

Bringing Light to a Once-Darkened Venue

On the Mobile, AL, corner of Sage Avenue and Eslava Street you’ll find a three-story building that looks like many other modern office facilities. On the first floor, you’ll find the home of Claire’s Hope. It is a place with a darkened past and a shining future.

Hope’s Corner was once an abortion clinic. Here, frightened, confused and too-frequently un- and mis-informed women and parents chose to end the lives of the unborn. It was a place that, no doubt, had been criticized, cursed and, probably on occasion, praised for the services it performed.

When Tammy and Billy Cox learned their unborn second child was afflicted with a rare and un-curable disease, they were presented options, which included aborting the pregnancy. The Cox’s faith led them to choosing another path: giving birth to the child, a girl they named Claire, and placing her life and theirs in God’s hands.

Although Claire lived less than 60 days, about what the doctors had forecast, her short time made it abundantly clear to the Coxes that their choice for life and Claire’s hope were the right decisions for them.

During that ensuing year, the abortion clinic at Sage and Eslava shut its doors and the Coxes realized that God was opening a door and, perhaps, an unprecedented opportunity for them to make a statement on their experience and belief, as well as pay tribute to their daughter Claire. Exactly one year, to the day, after Claire passed from our world, the Coxes purchased the building where so many other lives had been ended.

And one year later, on November 28, 2008, Claire's Hope was opened to the public through the building at Hope's Corner, a memorial, a museum, a tribute and a place where women, couples and families affected by crisis pregnancies can get the information they need to honor the sanctity of human life.




The Memorial

Hope’s Corner contains two areas where the public may celebrate and pay tribute to the sanctity of human life. An additional virtual memorial is available through this Web site.

Wall of Forgiveness

Along the main corridor that runs through Hope’s Corner is the Wall of Forgiveness. Here, for a nominal fee, women, couples and families place in this public setting plaques containing brief messages of personal reflection, regret or remorse seeking forgiveness and absolution for the difficult past decisions that were made. Plaques contain either two or four lines of text chosen from a standard selection of prose offerings, or may be customized with personal reflections.
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Children’s Garden

This atrium-like area of Hope’s Corner is a place for reflection and repose. As you walk along the flower-lined path within the Children’s Garden, you’ll find messages of inspiration and reconciliation contained within the brick pavers of the walkway. Here, too, you’ll find images and other personal tributes to infants and toddlers called to heaven by their Maker.
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The Virtual Wall

A third way that loved ones may celebrate the sanctity of life is through the Virtual Wall contained on this Web site. Here, you’ll find a unique subscription program that creates a small virtual memorial to commemorate a lost life. Tributes on the Virtual Wall are available on a quarterly or annual basis.
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