A Perfect and Unforgettable Gift

What is the most wonderful gift you could give to your loved ones? Would it be a gift that will never fade, one that will keep giving in years and for generations to come?

The LEGACY DISK is that special gift, created to capture and preserve the exceptional and unique life story that is yours or that of a loved one. We'll work together to craft and present your story, the story of a lifetime of people and places, adventures and discoveries, achievements and triumphs.

The LEGACY DISK experience may be one of the finest gifts and tributes that adult children can give to their parents and it is a gift that will bring families closer together. You'll bond even more closely as you work together to prepare for The LEGACY DAY interview. If you purchase a package with additional features, such as a still-photo montage, LEGACY WEB PAGE or The LEGACY BOOK, you'll go through a wonderful and enjoyable process of picking out the right content to become a part of your family's permanent legacy.

And, The LEGACY DISK is the perfect gift from parents to their adult children and grandchildren. Imagine the surprise and delight when you let us help you craft your life story and then you present the finished product to the rest of your family, saying, "This is who we are. We give this to you so that you may know us better and always, because you mean the world to us and we will love you dearly."

Our staff can advise you on how to make The LEGACY DISK truly a once-in-a-lifetime gift experience.