The Legacy Day Experience
Before electronics, before even the printed word, stories were passed from generation to generation in a communal setting. It is in that spirit that we've created The LEGACY DAY, integral to The LEGACY DISK experience.

Your LEGACY DAY interview will be scheduled in conjunction with other LEGACY DAY honorees. One of the unique elements of how we do business, is to bring people together who share, if not common stories, a common frame of reference.

We only conduct interviews in settings where people feel comfortable in coming together, places like country clubs, retirement communities, churches or hotel banquet rooms. We do this for two reasons. First, we want to provide a setting that will enable us to create a professional look and feel to your video production. Second, we want to conduct your interview in a location in which you'll feel comfortable and relaxed.

On your LEGACY DAY, you'll meet your LEGACY ADVISOR and our production team of experts in persona. We'll spend time together to help you get comfortable and familiar with your surroundings. We'll brief you on how the interview will be conducted and provide you assurances that it's not imperative that you always get things right on the first take!

While you'll be taking part in a once-in-a-lifetime experience with others whom you'll probably know, your interview will be done in private, with minimal distractions. We want to make you and your story shine, and we know you'll enjoy your LEGACY DAY.

  Hosting A Legacy Day

The LEGACY DISK is a unique legacy video project that brings people together on one day at one place to tell their life story for posterity. It is both the value of the end product as well as the communal experience of the actual LEGACY DAY gathering that makes this a special opportunity for organizations, businesses, and other entities (even family reunions) to facilitate this one-of-a-kind experience.

If you work with a large group of people who are 40-plus years of age, The LEGACY DISK can be an unforgettable service or value-add to those individuals. For instance, churches, civic groups and country clubs learn quickly that offering The LEGACY DISK as an exclusive opportunity to members has great value not only in retaining existing members, but also in enhancing the image and reputation of the organization through a sizeable word of mouth dynamic.

Once you decide to partner with The LEGACY DISK, the build-up over the next four to six weeks will be significant and exciting. Together, we'll collectively market the program, and you'll find a "buzz" throughout your organization and membership. This all leads up to the culminating experience: The LEGACY DAY.

When an individual or couple signs up for The LEGACY DISK, they ultimately are scheduled into The LEGACY DAY. That day (or in some cases consecutive days), is the day on which the actual LEGACY DAY interview is shot. Reservations are taken in 90-minute increments, so over the course of a single day/evening, as many as six to ten interviews can be recorded…all within the confines of your operation.

We'll work with you to find the right location in the right space to make the experience of recording a LEGACY DAY interview truly unforgettable for your members, employees, clients or family. When our "Honorees" arrive, they'll find a "green room" filled with refreshments to make their wait for their appointed time as comfortable as possible. All in all, The LEGACY DAY experience will be easy, fun, and, potentially profitable for our partners because of the sizeable goodwill, notoriety and value The LEGACY DISK can bring to them.

Contact us for more information or to see how you can bring The LEGACY DISK to work for you.