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What Will I Learn In Bronze?
The Bronze section of this website is designed to provide you with greater insight into your own readiness to try your hand at business; but more importantly, it provides you with the core fundamentals needed to correctly launch your business successfully.

Regardless of whether you are considering making the move into entrepreneurship from a corporate setting, returning to work after an absence of a few years, or making the leap from an academic program, starting a business requires preparation, discipline, dedication, and rigor to the skills and aptitudes necessary to ease your transition into business ownership. By following the lessons shared by the uniquely and specially chosen panel of experts, you can avoid common mistakes made by others who failed in their endeavors to launch a business, or may have had to overcome their errors through the school of hard knocks. Rather than "learn the hard way" - StartUpBuilder.Com provides you with the essential skills you will need to master as you begin your journey towards living your dream of owning your own business and controlling your own professional destiny.

How Were The Experts Chosen?
The experts were selected through careful assessment of factors relevant to you, the new or prospective business owner. Rather than select experts on the strength of friendships, or favors owed to me; I went out and chose only people who had demonstrated experience and success at doing the very things they are providing counsel on to you and others on this website. Each of them have met the following criteria:

1- They have worked within corporate settings, so they understand the complexities of working within companies and can relate to the issues confronting subscribers considering leaving a corporate setting.
2- Each of them have experience with securing clients that run the gamut from the largest most sophisticated companies to the smaller, but most nimble competitors in their industries. The expert panel will share their wisdom and secrets with you that they have gleaned from working with clients and customers that represent the entire spectrum of business experiences.
3- They have successfully launched at least one start-up business (and often have done so more than once)
4- They have demonstrated not only an interest, but a talent for education, teaching, training, and developing others within their fields of endeavor.
5- They have made a commitment to make themselves available to you or recommend others well-suited to assist you on a one-on-one basis through the Gold phase of this website.

How This Site Helps You
This site will explain for you in a non-technical, jargon-free way what factors really count as you begin to plan and prepare for your new business effort. Divided up into different levels of engagement (Bronze/Silver/Gold), each of the experts will provide you with guidance and assistance in focusing your efforts to maximize the success of both you personally, and your business. By providing you with a chance to hear from experts across five key fundamental areas essential for your business success:

1- Finance
2- Business Planning
3- Sales
4- Marketing
5- Management

You will be provided with a relationship not unlike a mentorship with your favorite teachers. Follow the advice provided and in no time at all, you will see that is much more rewarding to succeed in your own business if you DON'T GO IT ALONE!

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BizQuiz Extra
Why You Shouldn’t Do This

You have now come to that fork in the road – do you travel the path of the tortured soul willing to “bet it all” on a less than certain thing, or do you pick up your chips from the table and decide that prudence and working for others is the better strategy. Whichever path you choose, there will always be that moment when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and wonder, “How would it have been different if I would have chosen the other path?” How many of the below statements have crossed your mind and are scaring you away from starting a new venture? (anything less than 10 out of 10 is not being truthful!)

1- The overwhelming majority of new businesses fail within the first few years of opening

2- You will be assuming responsibility for a “spouse” that never sleeps, always puts demands on your time, does not recognize weekends, and never is satisfied

3- You are ready to give birth to a “child” that is always hungry for more time and attention, is ungrateful, rarely if ever does what you expect it to do, and whose maturing is not something that you view as an occasion for celebration

4- Your only experience in running a business enterprise was a newspaper route or a lemonade stand when you were a kid

5- Your skills are highly developed in your area of expertise, but you hate (selling, accounting, information technology, etc.)

6- Your lifestyle is predicated on a steady income based on a twice monthly paid salary

7- You have little (or no) money saved up in the bank to sustain you through the lean weeks/months of your business start up when expenses are high, and income is low
8- You realize you will likely not see friends or family on the same schedule or regularity as you were able to previously. When they are “off work” – you are just kicking into gear or hitting overdrive

9- You have little idea on how expensive it is to rent property, buy technology, acquire insurance, purchase supplies, hire experts (accountants, attorneys, printers, etc.).

10- You slept through your business classes and barely can keep your checkbook baanced - how can you manage a business on your own?

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