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Why Do I Need Gold?
The Gold section of this website is designed for the business owner who has mastered the fundamentals and is now looking to do one of two things;

• either gain greater insight into how to master a unique business situation they are confronting within their own business (a problem, competitive opportunity, internal issue, etc.),
• or seek a custom solution to be provided by one of StartUpBuilder.Com's experts

You are comfortable with your knowledge of the areas of; Business Planning, Finance, Management, Marketing, and Sales/Prospecting. However, your needs extend beyond the general level of assistance currently provided or that can be found on this site. More than likely, you have had some success in your business and are likely pursuing ways to grow, defend market position, seeking ways of becoming more efficient or effective, or in some other way gain a business advantage over your current position.

In addressing the business issue that you perceive is causing a negative impact on results (or possibly seeking help in identifying the business issue that is causing the challenge for you), you are comfortable with the level, depth, breadth, and experience of the experts on the website and you want to work with them directly to resolve the issue(s) with your business.

How Do I Make Contact?
Making contact with the roster of experts on this website is as easy as doing any of the following:

• Clicking on the picture of the expert you wish to contact which will link you to their own contact information for you to connect with them immediately at their own business contact email address, phone numbers, or websites.
• Contacting any of the experts by leaving an email message in the "Contact Us" section of the site. Just be sure to identify which expert you wish to have contact you in return. Experts may participate in bulletin boards or blogs, but they will not address specific business issues, rather they will only address general issues. To have them address your specific issues, you must contract with them directly.

What Can I Expect?
You'll get real-time access to one of our experts who will mentor you regardless of where you are along the start-up business curve.

The expert will provide you with support, personalized attention, and customized work to help you meet your most pressing business needs according to an agreement reached between you and the expert or experts you have contacted. Therefore, there is no established "price list" or common format for determining project investment costs as each expert will contract with subscribers on a highly customized and confidential basis

All of the experts are entrepreneurs and have vast experience in all areas of the website's content. So, feel free to contact the one that you would feel most comfortable with to address your issue. While we have segmented the experts into "functional silos", they can all speak knowledgeably across multiple disciplines (and if they personally feel they cannot address an issue, they will tell you that, too). You can be confident that you will only receive appropriate counsel and aid. At we are committed to helping you succeed no matter where you may be in the evolution of your business and want you to know we are always here to help you and your business so you can be sure that no matter the issue or business opportunity you confront, you DON'T GO IT ALONE!

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