Student Activities

There are several activities of which Policy Studies Students can take advantage. All students are encouraged to investigate research opportunities with Rice faculty. The School of Social Sciences sponsors the Faculty-Undergraduate Research Grant Program to fund collaborative research efforts, including student stipends. Students may also elect to participate in the Washington Semester Program at American University, which includes both course work and an internship within the federal government in Washington D.C. Contact the Policy Studies Director or the Study Abroad Office for more information on these programs. In addition, many students gain Policy Studies credit from study abroad programs or other international experience.  Contact the Study Abroad Office or its Director, Shannon Cates, for more information on these oportunities.  Students who want credit for other interships should consult the Political Science Internship Credit web page.  The Policy Studies Majors Society (POSTS) is a student organization that sponsors activities for majors, including study breaks, fellows/policy discussion groups, speakers, an email "listserv," and other activities. Students considering the Policy Studies major are encouraged to join.

Donald Ostdiek, Director | Baker Institute | Room 244C | 713-348-2106
Policy Studies Program MS-24 | Rice University | P.O. Box 1892 | Houston, TX 77251-1892