Area Curriculum

The Policy Studies area curriculum provides relevant specialized training that builds on students' work in the basic curriculum. Students are required to take six courses from one area of specialization. In some areas, courses may be designated as core courses, with students required to complete a certain number of those courses. The areas are divided as follows: 1) Environmental Policy, 2) Government Policy and Management, 3) Health Care Management, 4) International Affairs, 5) Law and Justice, 6) Managerial and Business Policy, and 7) Political Management.

Courses for each area are listed separately. Given the nature of course offerings at Rice, this list is neither exhaustive nor complete. In addition, specific courses may be more or less appropriate for a given student depending on their academic and career goals whether or not the courses are listed within an Area. Therefore, there is often course substitution for Area Curriculum courses. Credit for substitute courses is approved by the director.

In addition, students may receive some Area Curriculum credit for certain Study Abroad experiences or for research experience with Rice faculty or through the
Rice Undergraduate Scholars Program. Students may also elect to participate in the Washington Semester Program at American University, which includes both course work and an internship within the federal government in Washington D.C. Contact the Policy Studies Director or the Career Services Office for more information on this programs. In addition, many students gain Policy Studies credit from study abroad programs or other international experience. Of particular interest are internships with the Scottish Parliament as well as academic and internship opportunities in London through Arcadia and INSTEP. Contact the Study Abroad Office for more information on these and other opportunities.

Area Curriculum Course List

Environmental Policy
Government Policy and Management
Health Care Management
International Affairs
Law and Justice
Managerial and Business Policy
Urban and Social Change
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