Declaring The Major

Policy Studies is a "second major," which means that you must have at least one accompanying departmental major when you graduate. Your departmental major may be from any division. It is not uncommon to find Policy Studies students who also major in Spanish, English, History, Ecology, or Biochem/Premed as well as more the more traditionally policy-related social sciences like Political Science, Economics, and Sociology. See the General Announcements for basic information on undergraduate majors.

The Process:

Pick up a "Declaration of Major" form from the Registrar's Office.  You will also need a list of the classes you have taken for Rice credit, so you may want to bring a copy of your transcipt (also obtained in the Registrar's Office).
Contact the Policy Studies Director to schedule time to meet.
At your meeting with the Policy Studies Director, you will fill out an "Internal Major Form" that will be used by the director to keep track of the courses you are taking to meet the major requirements. You can print out a copy of the form here to bring to the meeting.
Meet with the Policy Studies Director each semester as you pre-register. At these meetings, you can discuss your academic and career plans and which Policy Studies courses are appropriate for you. Your Internal Major Form is updated at this time.
When you declare the major, you are added to an email list. You will receive periodic updates on course offerings, deadlines, internship opportunities, etc., that may interest students who are majors.
Donald Ostdiek, Director | Baker Institute | Room 244C | 713-348-2106
Policy Studies Program MS-24 | Rice University | P.O. Box 1892 | Houston, TX 77251-1892