The Media Plan

Building Awareness through Traditional, Digital and Social Media Channels

Public relations and advertising as components of the overall communications plan touch both internal and external audiences. Critical to public-relations success is thinking beyond the marketing mindset and understanding the value of the merger from a news perspective. PR emphasis will be placed on existing Columbus markets, leveraging existing relationships with business publications. On the national front, a unique and compelling story angle will be created and pitched to select national media.

An overall social-media strategy will be created and will be best leveraged from the Columbus side, where a more mature presence already is in place. Organic social media will be minimally effective, however, digital advertising and content marketing will be key to creating awareness via social-media channels.

Targeted marketing and remarketing are recommended as components of the merger announcement advertising buy to reach current and prospective clients. Banner ads steered toward key decision-makers can be an effective investment seeking to connect with internal and external constituencies. And, print advertising remains a relevant marketing option when the goal is to boost credibility and brand image.

Action Items

Getting the Story Out

Merger Benefits


  • World’s largest global relocation services footprint
  • One-stop provider
  • Full scope of mobility offerings
  • In-house network of service experts
  • Cutting-edge IT operating platform
  • Collaborative, customizable corporate mindset
  • Greater negotiating power with suppliers


  • Instant access to the world’s largest global relocation services network
  • Newly positioned as an industry leader
  • Complete portfolio of service offerings
  • Strength of brand equity
  • Global network of resources
  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • Geographically-expansive career opportunities