Internal Employee Communications

Shaping the New Company’s Most Vital Asset: A Committed and Enthusiastic Workforce

There is no single ingredient more important to the success of a new business partnership than ensuring that all employees are completely invested in the proposition that the new business environment brings both value to their customers and benefits to their jobs and careers.

To do that, internal communications efforts should seek to minimize the uncertainty that comes along with change and maximize an atmosphere of inclusion and transparency. With that as the underlying strategic approach, employees are much more likely to be open-minded about the new environment and support the common cause.

Inform. From the initial internal email blast, to the content of the merger-announcement website, to external public relations and advertising, every effort should be made to define the Santa Fe brand as strong and successful to the outside world, yet warm and welcoming to those inside the new company. Most employees will be concerned with how the merger will affect their employment status. As much as possible, the tone of internal communications should be upbeat and optimistic with a healthy dose of straightforward information, delivered in easy-tounderstand doses, such as Q&A and bullet points.

Integrate. Communicating the “game plan” is key. Answering the “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” and “why” questions are important, but most vital to the success of the new venture is explaining the “how.” No coach heads onto the field of competitive play without a game plan. The same holds true in the business arena. Employees need to understand what their roles will
be in attaining future success.

Inspire. At the outset of a business merger, leadership matters and unifying cultures can best be accomplished by putting the company leadership at the forefront of communications efforts. Their words, their persona, and their commitment to the cause pave the way for a quick and ready buy-in from the consolidated workforce. In addition, a good dose of “fun” can go a long way toward easing the collective corporate consciousness and achieving buy-in for the company’s overall mission.

Action Items

Unifying The Team

Merger Benefits


  • World’s largest global relocation services footprint
  • One-stop provider
  • Full scope of mobility offerings
  • In-house network of service experts
  • Cutting-edge IT operating platform
  • Collaborative, customizable corporate mindset
  • Greater negotiating power with suppliers


  • Instant access to the world’s largest global relocation services network
  • Newly positioned as an industry leader
  • Complete portfolio of service offerings
  • Strength of brand equity
  • Global network of resources
  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • Geographically-expansive career opportunities