Courting New Prospects

Global Reach Is Now in Our Grasp

For a business to succeed, a business must grow. And that’s at the core of the Project Columbus merger. How does the power of two becoming one engender new-client acquisition?

Because of the ongoing relationships we have with current clients, it’s easier and more direct for us to sell the benefits of the new partnership. We have the advantage of selling opportunity and managing change through direct contact. With prospective clients, the communications plan hopes to engender interest from afar and to pique curiosity.

Thus, the key elements for courting new prospects center on the public relations and advertising push. Certainly, it will be “business as usual” for the sales force to develop and qualify leads. Training them to the features and benefits of the new Santa Fe proposition could help re-open doors that were previously closed because of the limitations and restrictions under which the old company operated.

The best advantage the communications plan can provide the hunt for new prospects is to build awareness among key influencers and decision-makers.

Action Items

Opening the Dialogue

Merger Benefits


  • World’s largest global relocation services footprint
  • One-stop provider
  • Full scope of mobility offerings
  • In-house network of service experts
  • Cutting-edge IT operating platform
  • Collaborative, customizable corporate mindset
  • Greater negotiating power with suppliers


  • Instant access to the world’s largest global relocation services network
  • Newly positioned as an industry leader
  • Complete portfolio of service offerings
  • Strength of brand equity
  • Global network of resources
  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • Geographically-expansive career opportunities