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Scripture and Sport Psychology: Mental-Game Techniques for the Christian Athlete is unique in that it combines principles from the Holy Bible and basic sport psychology literature into a straightforward and practical guide for improving mental skills and athletic performance.

Dr. de la Peña wrote this book thinking about himself as a 16-year-old athlete, who believed in God but was never able to link his beliefs with a systematic approach to developing mental-game skills. In this book he provides effective techniques to enhance the mental fortitude necessary for peak performance, while facilitating spiritual growth.

The primary topics include: 1) Building Confidence, 2) Fueling Purpose and Motivation, 3) Dealing with Adversity, 4) Being a Team Player, and 5) Playing in “The Zone.”

The book is an invaluable resource of principles and practical ways for athletes to master the art of effective thinking from a Christian perspective. In addition, it has also been shown to be an effective tool for parents and young athletes to read together.

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