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Despite the small size of the social sciences, four of the departments offer doctoral programs: Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, and Psychology. Although it does not have a graduate program, Sociology does have a post-doc program.

Each department strives for excellence, usually by concentrating on a discrete number of fields of study.

If you are interested in earning a doctorate, you are encouraged to learn about our programs by browsing the department's website and by contacting faculty. Every department strives to make sure that there is a good "fit" between a student's interests and the strengths of the department.
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George Zodrow
Professor of
  George Zodrow's research focuses on tax policy in the United States and developing countries, and state and local public finance. This work is conducted as part of the Tax and Expenditure Policy Program at the Baker Institute. His work on tax reform in the US includes analyses of the effects of fundamental tax reform--replacing the income tax with a consumption-based tax system--especially transitional effects including reform-induced changes in a asset and housing prices.

Much of this work has been done with John Diamond of Rice's Baker Institute and Charles McLure of Stanford University's Hoover Institution. Zodrow and Diamond have constructed a large-scale computer model that can be used to analyze the short- and long-run allocational and distributional effects of fundamental tax reform as well as incremental reforms of the existing income tax system.

Prof. Zodrow also worked on tax reform projects in many developing countries often focusing on business taxation including the taxation of foreign multinationals.

Finally, he has investigated a wide variety of issues in state and local public finance, including the incidence and economic effects of property tax, including the capitalization of local property taxes, the effects of state sales and income taxes including state sales taxation of electronic commerce, the effects of state and local tax competition, the use of state and local tax incentives designed to attract business, and, in conjunction with the Texas Joint Select Committee on Public School Finance, an analysis of alternative state revenue sources for public school finance..

Did You Know?...that the graduate students ended an eight-year losing streak by beating the Political Science faculty, 11-5, in the department's annual softball game.