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P. T.

"I've been through more training classes than I care to remember, but my experience with McCalvin was different.  Not only was the workshop relevant, interesting and lively, but also the real "plus" was Workshop Plus: the post-training consulting that  reinforce my desire for change."
S. D.
Exploration Engineer

"McCalvin is a trusted name in the oil industry and their technical courses are top-shelf stuff.  But, with co-workers being laid off around me, I knew I needed something more to ensure I kept my job.  McCalvin's "Accountability" course...helped keep me accountable and probably helped me keep my job."
L. M.
Non-Profit Development Director

"I was skeptical at the 'service-after-the-sale' aspect of McCalvin's Workshop Plus offering.  But, they delivered.  After the fifth or sixth phone call, I was surprised my advisor didn't tell me to get lost.  Instead, they took the time to help me work through workplace issues that probably weren't a part of my workshop."
A. F.
Petroleum Engineer

"I don't work in the oil business, but a friend of mine told me about McCalvin's personal development workshops.  I convinced my boss to let me take one of the courses.  My supervisor and I couldn't be happier with the results."
A. K.

"Last in, first out.'  So was my story after entering into the energy sector.  I had come from an unrelated industry and I didn't know as much about the field as my peers who kept their jobs.  So, I decided to take a crash course on the oil business.  McCalvin's 'OPIS' offering was perfect.  And guess what?  It helped me land my next job in the oil industry!"

"We've relied on McCalvin for standards development and technical training for years.  Now, we're taking advantage of their personal development courses.  And what a difference I've seen in our people.  They communicate more effectively and work better.  That means increased production.  And that means I'm a satisfied customer."