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Hobson Soars to Fundraising Lead

In only 36 days of active campaigning, Cal Hobson has swept past his two opponents for the Democratic nomination for the office of Lieutenant Governor. According to contributor reports filed with the Oklahoma State Ethics Commission, Cal raised more than $177,000 in slightly over 30 days. This compares to $51,000 in contributions for Jari Askins and $128,000 for Peter Regan. Both Regan and Askins raised their money over a much longer period of time, more than 100 days!

Senator Hobson said, "This just goes to show that practical experience and substantive message are much more important to voters than the actual date a candidate announces an intention to run for public office."

Hobson continued, "I did not declare for office or raise money during the recently completed legislative session because I did not and would not participate in the rampant pay-to-play scandal unfolding at the State Capitol."

Such flagrant behavior by Republican Speaker Todd Hiett has been recently documented at least twice in the Oklahoma Gazette. It has become a major focus of criticism by long-time observers of the conduct by elected officials at the State Capitol.