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Cal Hobson is always thinking proactively and is devoted to working on innovative solutions to the challenges facing our state.

EDUCATION--Oklahoma youth are key to our future success. Cal wants to ensure that our children and grandchildren have the best possible education available. From kindergarten to advanced graduate school, all Oklahomans regardless of income deserve access to quality education. This includes our CareerTech system that ranks as one of the best in the nation. Cal Hobson will work to ensure that Oklahoma students have the best preparation possible for entering the workforce.

HEALTH--Because prescription drugs can put such a financial burden on Oklahoma’s senior citizens, Cal is committed to finding alternatives which will help ease this cost. Senator Hobson is exploring the possibility of reducing the price of medication by importing prescription drugs from Canada.

AFTER SCHOOL--Parents, especially those who work full-time to support their families, often worry that their children have nothing productive to do after school or during the summer. Cal has listened to this concern and is working to establish extracurricular after-school and summer programs, including academic, athletic, and volunteer activities, which guarantee a safe and nurturing environmentfor all of our children.