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Letter from OEA President Roy Bishop to OEA Members

Dear Member,

On June 13, 2006, the Oklahoma Education Association Fund for Children and Public Education (OEA FCPE) Committee voted to recommend Senator Cal Hobson for election to the office of Lieutenant Governor. Senator Hobson was chosen from among many top-quality candidates in the 2006 primary.

As many of you know, Senator Hobson has consistently been the voice of education in the state Senate. He has never been afraid to stand up against legislation which would have been harmful to our teachers, students or education system. Conversely, he was instrumental in guaranteeing that every teacher will receive a $3,000 pay increase for the 2006-07 school year - no strings attached!

Most recently, Sen. Hobson debated against a bill during the final hour of the regular legislative session that if passed, would have greatly harmed funding for both common schools and higher education. HB 2179 would redirect permanent funds from the Oklahoma Commission for the Land Office from education. Sen. Hobson stated during his floor debate that it was equivalent to "moving around the deck chairs on the Titanic" and would take away funds from education that could not be returned. He also worked to prevent passage of a similar measure in the just completed special legislative session.

Hobson served as President Pro Tempore of the Senate and worked to garner support for 100 percent state-paid individual teacher health insurance premiums. Also, he helped pass the Governor's five-year plan to bring teachers' salaries to the regional average and worked tirelessly during the economic downturn to ensure that education did not bear the brunt of the crisis.

His tenure in the legislature has a direct impact on his knowledge of the state's legislative history.

If elected, he will be the only elected official at the State Capitol with legislative knowledge prior to 1994. We need someone in the lieutenant governor's office who can demonstrate the leadership and skill to further enhance Oklahoma's education system. Sen. Hobson has demonstrated his ability to stand up and let the voice of education be heard.

The primary election on Tuesday, July 25, 2006, will be an opportunity to show your support for education by casting your vote for Cal Hobson for Lt. Governor.


Roy Bishop
OEA President